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dear Debra

That pencil there, that I'm using in the icon, that was given to me by badasstronaut, who sadly passed away last week, after a long fight with cancer. She gave it to me one weekend when jinty, damiancugley and I went down to Bristol for a visit and to go to Ashton Court Festival, a rather wild event full of blue haired space babes and stalls selling pretty much everything. They don't run it any more; I'm kind of amazed it was running then. It was like a window into what festivals used to be, cheap on-the-gate tickets, held in the ground of a stately home, locals only, real bands, weird and wild but kind of homey at the same time. It was so hot I bought a parasol, which now sits (with the giant pencil) in my umbrella stand.

he landscaped the landscape more of the blue-haired ladies jenni models the latest festival fashion

A lot has happened since that weekend; time has passed, measured in home improvements and changing interests. Debra and I both met the loves of our lives. Regular visits to see Bristol electro bands and visit Ikea and Deb's lovely local spa trailed off into promises to go down sometime. The links were looser but still there; I watched her with a glad eye. I liked to see her garden. She introduced me to the idea of growing flowers and veg all jumbled up; she had kitchen lino so outré the fitter asked, "are you sure?"; she knitted in the mosh pit when we went to see The Horrors at ATP; she understood the value of pie and tea.

debra's place sumptuous feast
teacakes She has conquered the world from space

I was waiting to go and see her until she felt better (worse, I was waiting till she felt better to send her a package of things, which was waiting upstairs with the card written and everything, and is now sitting there being a lesson to me NOT to wait for the right time) but now I'll be going to the funeral instead, on May 7th. We've been asked, jinty and me, to contribute a song that sums up her and comics. Come on, girlycomic, motodraconis, crazycrone and everyone else. Help us out here. I've got a CD full of tracks already, but I'm still not sure I've hit the right track. Maybe this one, I know she loved it:


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29th Apr, 2013 00:45 (UTC)
So sorry to hear this.
29th Apr, 2013 22:30 (UTC)
Thanks Steve
29th Apr, 2013 09:18 (UTC)
How sad that you have lost this remarkable friend. We only knew each other through the internet but she was a huge entertainment and provoked many thoughts. I found her to be clever, funny, ascerbic, and original.
29th Apr, 2013 22:31 (UTC)
Indeed, she made the internet more bright
29th Apr, 2013 10:49 (UTC)
Oy, I'm sorry. I read her Livejournal back when she wrote it, and it's been good to hear more about her this week, but I'm sorry you've lost a really cool friend.
29th Apr, 2013 22:32 (UTC)
read on
there's more to come, I suspect
29th Apr, 2013 14:24 (UTC)
I like the track you've embedded. I'll have a think, but don't know that I'll be much help as Debs' was not very impressed with my taste in music :-)

I associate MCRs with listening to things like Misty's or Lemon Jelly but not sure who put those on.
29th Apr, 2013 22:33 (UTC)
Misty's! Good call!
29th Apr, 2013 14:57 (UTC)
My musical taste is famously dire, and Debs was not impressed with it either. (I recall her actively recoiling in horror when I tried to play something.) I'm afraid you're on your own in that regard. I do recall that Debs was impressed with your musical taste though.
29th Apr, 2013 17:33 (UTC)
I'm so sorry for your loss. Take care.
29th Apr, 2013 17:35 (UTC)
(posted in the wrong place, but of course it applies to both of you)
29th Apr, 2013 22:36 (UTC)
29th Apr, 2013 22:35 (UTC)
I like your comps
But she and I did have a big taste overlap in the twinkly electro zone, true -- and she did have a very impressive "recoil in horror" move on occasion.
29th Apr, 2013 20:28 (UTC)
That's an excellent choice of track. Other possibilities that spring to mind:

Or, because words are hard:

29th Apr, 2013 22:38 (UTC)
oh thanks
Both lovely suggestions, as resident DJ I was hoping you'd remember some of the Sounds of the Bicket
3rd May, 2013 19:38 (UTC)
Shit. I had no idea, as ever.

Regards & thoughts to all you lot, who I know treasured Debra.
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