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next job: tidy up the cherry trees

Still tidying. The floor looks good now, but the shelves are overpopulated, and the paperpile is currently filling the table. Where should I file my weekly strips? Found Eighties Tom. He was under my futon, along with about twice as many photos as will fit on the shelf. I also found a tiny, bright green magic wand down there. I'm assuming it belongs to a Playmobil toy, but I can't think which one. I don't have any Playmobil fairies.

Redid my collage frame (for the first time since I moved in! I'm so slack, normally I have new colours for every season) in silvers, greys and blacks, while watching almost all of Blue Submarine 6. I have to figure out some way of getting reliable listings for the Cartoon Channel*! I missed the last 10 minutes, and though I can pretty much guess what happened, it means I might as well not keep it, which is a shame, because it's lovely, despite the wierd jazz-fueled fight scenes and atrocious dubbing. The frame looks okay, but square, controlled, understated. It's that monochrome swell covering me again. Black clothes, black-and-white art, undyed hair. So much for my colourful life.

Damian suggested that the reason I woke up so early is that a clear floor reflects more light. Outside the sky had pale thin clouds, and the last leaves on the cherry trees were flame-bright against the sky. I had hair that colour once, but you have to plan it a year in advance (bleach over compound henna) so only once.

The leaves have turned the corner of the garden lizardy-bright, wherever they fell, but as soon as it rains they will be black and brown and sluggy, so I'd better get them tided up this weekend.

*sigh* All the pretty things in life are scruffy.

Crazy tree site with cute characters ("Hi, I'm Ash, let me tell you all about trees, hey kids, trees are cool") for National tree week. Now that's how to do a Flash site.

Unlike ....

* Cartoon Network do have listings on their over-exciting website, but not printably, plus, it crashes my browser.

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