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what I did at the weekend

With the weather continuing so golden it's hard to avoid spending most time out in the garden. Even tidying the shed seems like a bit of an imposition (although it does need tidying). I have a stupid amount of strawberries in the garden this year as I let them romp out of their pots and they have gone for it. Big time. If it turns into a lot of fruit I might judge it worth it, but at some point I may have to rescue the Bergamot and the Gooseberry which are, kind of, swamped.

I was at a fun day on the Saturday -- part of my working Saturdays initiative -- nothing especially unusual about that for me, except that it was on main work time rather than self employed. We're being transitioned into evening and weekend being part of the working life and honestly I wonder if this might not simply be the way of the future. The grid doesn't go down at the weekend. Trains still run and all two hundred and whatever television channels continue to run. It's nice to have a few days a week designated as more leisure likely but if I get an extra one as a result of flexible hours that's probably fine. Work progresses. I'm thinking about an MA. There's an obvious one in youth and community work, another in Local Authority management (?) probably more if I get my serious look on. I have a colleague doing art therapy but to be honest I'm not keen. Not sure why.

I'm also re-reading comics, as damiancugley and I are finally (after mumble years) splitting up our comics collection. We just finished the American-size comics and I have been re-reading (in no particular order) Lucifer, Star Man (80s and 90s versions -- and they are both VERY 80s and 90s), Skreemer, a pile of old miniseries (most of which ended up in the blue bin), a smattering of old x-title episodes (I bought with the random desperation of the rurally isolated in my teens) and Ann Nocenti's Daredevil which I remember being a bit meh about at the time but which is engaging, bonkers, beautifully done enough to make me think about questing for all of it.

Also, I cut the hedge:

legs still a bit weedy

Still needs work.


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4th Jun, 2013 07:22 (UTC)
I am in awe of your hedge.
4th Jun, 2013 13:05 (UTC)
You should see the elephant on Radcliffe road -- oh, I wonder if it's on Streetview? Ops, yes! The amazing, slightly distorted, elephant hedge.
4th Jun, 2013 13:07 (UTC)
Just as the mail notification for this comment arrived I was struggling to remember where exactly that elephant was so that I could mention it.

I remember it as being less distorted, so either the topiarist's skills have improved since the Googlecar went past, or I have fondly misremembered it as an ideal elephant.
4th Jun, 2013 13:09 (UTC)
I think Streetcar's stitching has done it a disservice. Look at the houses behind! It's been scrunched.
4th Jun, 2013 13:13 (UTC)
Oh, Google. Scrunching another person's elephant is most discourteous.
4th Jun, 2013 08:23 (UTC)
Cool chameleon.
4th Jun, 2013 13:07 (UTC)
I'm trying to think of a name, but perhaps I need to put more work into the head before it develops enough character to name. It had a bird in its head yesterday.
4th Jun, 2013 14:20 (UTC)
As the structure fills out it will get more detail and a personality though if it has birds in its head already I think it might already be suggesting how this is going to go.
4th Jun, 2013 09:50 (UTC)
Good hedge!
We've spent some of the sunshine using the new trike to transport the kids around, which is a nice use of the good weather! That, and having them run around in the garden (and not eat too many laurel berries thank you very much!).

Thinking about an MA? Interesting! Suspect you have already had enough art therapy in the past...
4th Jun, 2013 13:12 (UTC)
Re: Good hedge!
Hopefully she's learned about having adults try berries for you first!

Yes, I'm missing structured study. I'm adding a CLIAG to my PTTLS and ILM (and PRINCE will doubtless join the party at some point) but it's not really ... [something] enough
4th Jun, 2013 11:21 (UTC)
Awesome hedge!
4th Jun, 2013 13:13 (UTC)
Sadly I had to cut off the privet flowers! Should have left it tuftier on top...
4th Jun, 2013 13:32 (UTC)
+1 Hedge-love
4th Jun, 2013 19:13 (UTC)
Tis a love that will grow
4th Jun, 2013 16:09 (UTC)
Fab hedge!
4th Jun, 2013 19:12 (UTC)
Tim's threatening to get me topiary shears! I did this one with B&Q value shears, though and I like their style.
4th Jun, 2013 16:19 (UTC)
Hedge is awesome. Sounds worth exploring the MA idea. I think my recent studies did me lots of good :)
4th Jun, 2013 19:11 (UTC)
It might be some catching up for me as I'm coming from Eng Lang and Lit into Social Sciences. This looks attractive e.g. but I'm not sure I make the entry requirements -- and there's the issue that I'll be juggling this with full time work, although I understand some colleagues have successfully done so with this one. OU have a solid looking option, too.
4th Jun, 2013 23:00 (UTC)
Hedge excellent.
5th Jun, 2013 07:42 (UTC)
The left side looks like a fractal.
10th Jun, 2013 12:40 (UTC)
Your hedge is awesome.
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