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sick noteIt came from nowhere, one minute I was lazing in bed innocently reading The Fortean Times, the next I had collapsed flat on my face with a excruciating pain tearing through the centre of my head. Making the natural assumption, I tossed back a migraine pill and lay down carefully on the bed, at which point things got significantly worse.

After the light and the pain came a spectacular, uncontrollable shaking all down my right side, coming and going in waves, chattering teeth, hand twitching so fast it was barely visible, and on the heels of that a thick, sticky, sick, black-outy feeling which was in the end what made me tell Damian that he'd better get the Doctor now, thinking that maybe I'd broken something in there properly this time.

The fits had subsided by the time the Doctor came, and I was beginning to feel the pulled muscles, but whatever it was seemed to have stopped trying to kill me, for which I was profoundly grateful. She poked and prodded me and peered in my eyes, and agreed that, yes, it was extraordinary and unusual and bizarre but slice it with Occam's razor and you come up with an easy answer; it was a migraine, just very different in magnitude and effect from the usual. But she couldn't be sure of that, and neither could my GP when I saw him the following day.

So now they're going to send me to a neurologist and MRI me and EEG me and try and confirm that what I suffered was a Focal Migraine (a severe constriction of blood vessels in the brain resulting in a disruption of blood flow -- in this case -- to the parts of the brain controlling motion) and if that is the case (my best available result) we'll have to try and figure out some options for treatment, because at the moment I can't take my funky migraine pills, as they're supposed to act on the (associated) dilation of the blood vessels, and if the serious problem is being caused by constriction, they may actually be making it worse.

So I can't predict the migraines and I can't treat them. And I suppose I shall have to talk to someone, at some point, about whether they have figured out any good lifestyle adjustments to lower your stroke risk.

Just one of those things, I suppose.

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