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the furry alarm clock strikes again

What's the next step after Feliway? Senior cat moved his miaou-fuss-crash-miaou routine to 3.45am this morning (it started at 6am-ish and drifted slowly back in time) and oh, ouch. Still, at least the fuzzy head of interrupted dreams gets things done, albeit angrily, albeit not in the best order.

I'm trying to pin down an MA (or M-something) at the moment in roughly the right area for my job. I need to be able to run it at the same time as a full-time job, which neatly removed a highly attractive looking option in Brighton. As ever, the OU will sort me out, but is it right? And then there is the option of this, at Brookes. Work-related qualifications are the flavour of the moment, after all, and I feel compelled to model.

What else? I've planted enormous quantities of Morning Glories. My potatoes are coming up. The trip to Cambridge this weekend is shaping up nicely, although the trip to IKEA Milton Keynes on the way in the search of elusive beach chairs may be a fool's errand! But I am a fool who wants a nice deck chair.

There's Chicken of the Woods on one of the willow trees by the bridge but it seems unnatural to eat fungus in June.


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12th Jun, 2013 19:17 (UTC)
I saw it! the fungus
I took a picture of it last week - I am building up quite a collection of phone pix of tree fungususususes. Not all of which I found when communing with nature.

Just some.
12th Jun, 2013 22:36 (UTC)
Re: I saw it! the fungus
Someone's had some of it off with a knife!
12th Jun, 2013 19:52 (UTC)
Good luck with the masters, though it may be that your choices are narrowed further by how easy a particular course is to juggle with work through layout as well as location. Brookes offers module by module. Would work give you time off to study?
12th Jun, 2013 22:24 (UTC)
We shall see.
12th Jun, 2013 22:56 (UTC)
Cats - Zylkene - milk enzyme - worked much better for mine than Feliway - though given recent posts you may doubt it!
13th Jun, 2013 07:10 (UTC)
he's 19 next week!
They are changeable beasties, and he was better last night, but that may be worth a go if he gets bad again, it looks pretty easy to obtain. 75mg for a cat, right?
13th Jun, 2013 22:40 (UTC)
Re: he's 19 next week!
Depends how fat. For one of my rather fat cats, needs 2 capsules per feed - dont know how much that is tho, sorry.. it really works better than Feliway, when I cam back Java was still dumping on floor, 2 days later plus Zylkene and lotsa love she is back to litter tray tonight, yay!!
14th Jun, 2013 09:14 (UTC)
Re: he's 19 next week!
He's a skinny old cat -- a mere 2.5, so counts as a small cat nowadays -- he's too subdued for his 4am rampages at the moment (in fact I'm inclined to think he might have originally injured himself during one of them) so peace has returned for now
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