Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

plans for the weekend may be changing

Just a quick warning that owing to kitten emergency we may need to change our plans for the weekend, Cambridgites. We're off to the vet now to get advice. He's gone very wobbly on his legs, poor thing and as Teazel is n-n-n-n-n nineteen next week, we are inclined to err on the side of curling up with him on the bed with a pile of snacks and a good book caution. He's still purring (he is a cat of mighty purr) and managed going upstairs under his own steam -- slowly -- but not downstairs. He's also doing that usual cat thing of ignoring the safe soft ladder/padded landing place you've given him and insisting on leaps his legs can't take onto slippery floors. Harlequin, in the meantime, has retired to the bathroom with her strongest catnip mouse.

murderous stare

UPDATE: Vet says he strained one of his back legs and favouring it has strained the other legs but is otherwise in surprisingly fine condition for a cat of his advanced age. He's currently purring smugly on the sofa in a fug of fuss and anti-inflammatories. Cambridgeites -- we might still make the Saturday, but won't be staying overnight, so we can keep a sensible eye -- and damiancugley, you're off cat-feeding duties, we'll be taking care of our silly cat x thanks for all the good wishes.

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