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perseid watch

About one every fifteen minutes. Impressive considering how much streetlight that has got past (not to mention the neighbour's floodlight). But cold now and coming in again.


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13th Aug, 2013 08:53 (UTC)
You can see about one meteorite every 10 minutes on a normal day. The Perseids all come from one point though so it makes them easier to spot.
Sorry if this is obvious but for a really trippy experience without drugs go out on a warm summer night and lie on a blanket looking straight up. Stare fixedly at one bright star overhead. After a bit persistence of vision will mean that all fixed stars will disappear and if you are anything like me you will go into a bit of a trance. Anything moving in the sky will become really obvious and you will see quite a bit; satellites (just after dusk), meteorites, planes and maybe migrating birds.
13th Aug, 2013 22:42 (UTC)
I hallucinate quite a lot when looking at the sky anyway
We saw a slow-moving tawney-coloured UFO!!! It was every so exciting (owl or pigeon?)
13th Aug, 2013 09:47 (UTC)
Yet again I saw fuck all.You seldom even see fixed stars in these parts.
13th Aug, 2013 22:43 (UTC)
Our back garden is a bit of a shadow well, which does helps considering our location (and the neighbour's floodlights)
John Burnham
14th Aug, 2013 12:31 (UTC)
Fortunate Birthday trips
One of the guys here has his birthday on August 12th and tends to organise a weekend away at some bizarre old building or other around that date. Last year we ended up at Stonegarthside Hall in the borders where there was next to no light pollution and we managed to see quite a few. This year we went to Woodsford Castle near Dorchester and it was even better for Perseid viewing. Again, there was next to no light pollution and this year the building was equipped with ultra-slouch deck chairs. We saw several very impressive Perseids - some with extremely long tails. Awesome.

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