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Summer may be ending but the season is not yet over. I'm still waiting impatiently for my grapes to harvest and some of my flowers to come out (yes really) and there was yet space for one, last garden show. Malvern is a bit of a county show with a garden show tacked on the side, and this was reflected in things like the giant/novelty vegetable show and the stiff/weird flower arranging competition displays. However the floral displays were massive, the nursery stands extensive and the weather much more congenial than it had been back in the summer, and I scored some rarities (a tiny delicate white Rose of Sharon relative), bizarrities (Chilli Nosferatu seeds!) and absurdities (Green Mist Chrysanthemum seedling). Also: happy owltober.

flower arrangement owl!!!
smirky lady huge marrows

Click through for a few more, including gentians, a record-breaking swede and the most disturbing carrot, ever. On the note of Owltober, did you know that Stoptober has now been accessorised with go Sober for October? Which sadly I shall be doing, as I have managed to book work over the Oxford Beer Festival.


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3rd Oct, 2013 07:20 (UTC)
Why October? It's my birthday month and I feel personally insulted! I've done booze fasting months many times, January is the month for this sort of thing, to recover from Xmas and New Year and also it's less intrusive as there are usually less parties or socials as everyone is shorter on cash than usual, so no booze for a month helps the monetary issues.
October - no!
3rd Oct, 2013 07:47 (UTC)
they'll be lucky, frankly
October is traditional beerfest month and nights drawing in and Halloween and your birthday and everything. I feel personally insulted and it's not even my birthday month!
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