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Current Photocrowd assignment is Every Second Counts -- you can shoot anything at all, as long as it's exposed for exactly one second. An assignment which lead me into areas of my camera's menu I had not yet explored (and in the end, to discovering a whole new control interface I had completely missed!). I suspect I'm going to prefer the "experimental" assignments to the commercial ones.

The last assignment (portraits by natural light) went a bit twee for my taste -- all isolated pictures of rich pretty children (and a cat) but I suppose that is somewhat the point. The photographers setting the assignment know what sells/succeeds in that area, and that *is* what sells/succeeds in that area.

They've dropped out of beta-testing (though they are still adjusting it on a pretty much daily basis, which makes for an enjoyably variable experience) so it's open to join (but you can pretend I gave you an invite code if you want). If you do enjoy shooting to a a theme, it is quite fun and you should come join -- and not just because damiancugley built most of it!


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18th Oct, 2013 20:25 (UTC)
Thanks for the plug
We need all the plugging we can get :-)
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