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owltober's last ghastly gasp

We only had a few trick or treaters this evening. The neighbours had an angle grinder out doing something to a car, which may have scared them off. None of the little witches, vampires, wizards and skellingtons wanted the oranges covered with moshi monster stickers that someone brought to my Day of the Dead party, so I still have six oranges and no idea what to do with them. Granita? Duck à L'Orange? Our pumpkin had rotted since the weekend, so I had to improvise for the welcome sign on the gatepost. Fortunately I had a left behind Manny mask (from Grim Fandango) from the party, which did the trick nicely. I did wear the owl mask but I managed not to say "and then I smashed them with a hammer and used them to thicken soup" to any of the little munchkins.

owltober makes bit for christmas the look
cherry colour the last two bats in greggs


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31st Oct, 2013 23:31 (UTC)
I was at the bookshop at the relevant time, but John tells me we had lots (well, double figures anyway) of small visitors. Maybe it was the glittery skeleton in the window.
1st Nov, 2013 08:40 (UTC)
I wanted to hang the smashed T-rex piñata from the gatepost but Tim said it would just scare the kids away!
1st Nov, 2013 10:04 (UTC)
It is definitely possible to over-do the decorations. Last night A & J refused to knock at the house with a severed hand stuck in the letterbox.
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