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Today's tasks have included another wall-full of wallpaper stripped, another module of the course (still behind), getting the tree up (it's good for another year), taking out the Playmobil nativity scene (all hail Raptor Jesus), more black mould removal, getting all the Christmas visits in a row and putting up all of the fairy lights. I'm beginning to feel that 2013 is getting ragged and worn.

I keep forgetting to pick up some grey yarn at lunchhour to make up my ouroborus scarf. I have the grey marl felted strip all ready and waiting, but no good yarn for the stitching. Come to think of it, I keep forgetting to take a lunchhour. There's always time to drop another bag off at the charity shop on the way into work, though (although some of my winnow is proceeding directly to green bin, in separate containment devices if needed - see below). Give it up, pass it on. There's always space for a few fewer things in your life.

seagull line winnowing the lipstick
modernist interpolation shin deep!


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9th Dec, 2013 18:50 (UTC)
There's always space for a few fewer things in your life

I will file that with the Capote quote, "Her one fault is that she is too perfect. Apart from that, she's perfect."
10th Dec, 2013 06:55 (UTC)
I'll settle for Capote
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