Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day


I have returned from the solstice with raging insomnia. My best guess is that it's related to missing my usual daily walk. Anyone trying to guess when I got to sleep, well, I'm still waiting. In fact, forget it, I'll try again this evening. Still, you do get things done. I've made the Christmas cake (a spicier version of last year's chocolate fruitcake), finished the book I was reading and uh... that's it, really. I should have cleaned the kitchen, too, but by then the cats were nesting on me and I thought I might as well rest my body, even if the mind wouldn't sleep.

Solstice was a lazy Cambridge house party, where I'm still trying to get to know the people better. I know a few of yore of course, but plenty (including the people we were staying with) occupied that slippery half-identified zone, where a cluster of attributes, information and knowledge and the face you are talking to stubbornly refuse to connect, like opposed magnets. Which is not to say that there were not many high notes. I made friends with a brook, was persuaded by the cat to give her cream, got to see the new Samsung camera-phone (the one with the proper zoom), had a conversation about an extraordinary bug that made the fan in a computer run incredibly fast (in the kitchen), ate more of the £40 cheese bundle than was entirely sensible, and also home-made stollen (mixed success) with pistachio marzipan (genius!). I think next time I'll take some cheesy dinosaur biscuits (as contribution to the food mountain) and something I can build a henge out of. I always find that soothing at solstice.

In the afternoon, uitlander introduced me to a crazy ale pub where I drank beer flavoured with Chai spices, while an office party of surpassing youth and trendiness stumbled back and forth behind us in twig thin skinnies and Christmas jumpers of variable levels of irony. As they started on a deafening bid-trade-and-swap variant on Secret Santa, we fled.

Mostly, other than that, it has been course or work, although I did manage to fit in Frozen and Hobbiting on; in the spirit of passing on the only piece of information that will be generally helpful to all the former has a post-credits Easter egg, the latter does not. Frozen is lovely, in case you were dithering. Exquisite 3D snow and frost effects, a packed screen and script full of sparkling touches, and schmaltz set to absolute minimum. Also, there appears to be some sort of Disney Deathmatch computer game available now, where you can fight, e.g. Jack Sparrow vs. Mulan, or Rapunzel vs. Cruella De Vil (hair fight!)

I got my essay in to deadline and I'm signed up for another module next term. My student days seem set to continue.

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