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I didn't go outside at all today. I looked at it a few times. The cats both briefly ventured outside and came back in, damp and complaining. New Year's was fun -- a swift pint down the Magdalen Arms, then a wander over to glittertigger for sparkly dresses, mighty cheeses and a beautiful lambent LED colour-changing poi display. But that was really enough wet and cold for the day.

Today's been all about sorting out some pictures, finishing my Christmas book (thanks mr_snips for the Tim Powers anthology - lovely stuff), fussing cats and listening to tunes. I may also have lain around a bit and had a bath. Ah me, the life, it is difficult.

Now, quickly, before New Year's Day ends, resolutions. Yes I have some! I took notes, they are around here somewhere. Where - ah, here we go.

In 2014, cleanskies resolves to...
Backup my holga regularly.
Cut down to ten threshold shifts a day.
Learn to play the collage.
Give some broken toys to charity.
Pay for my ghosts on time.
Volunteer to spend time with eyes.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:


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2nd Jan, 2014 00:37 (UTC)
I love Tim Powers! I got Hide Me Among the Graves for Christmas, and will be starting it really soon.
2nd Jan, 2014 09:36 (UTC)
oh, it's good! enjoy!
I think my resolutions went a bit Tim Powers there
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