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Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

gold of christmas

In case anyone is interested there are a bunch of review of the year and music comps/things by month posts -- I've been doing them on slight time displace to avoid clogging other people's friendslists (though I think maybe one of the LJ clients ignores that so for anyone who got a huge torrent of posts, sorry). I'm doing a memory enhancement exercise, in case you're wondering.

Also a quick run-through of the Christmas meal I cooked. This year I was thinking about gold:

Hand-written menus - personalised, emphasising the parts of the meal each person was likely to find more interesting.

I did a menu

Golden Eggs on a cinnamon bhajee nest -- that's a golden cherry tomato next to the gilded quail's egg.

golden eggs

Gilded guineafowl (you can buy the gold leaf from the cake shop in the market, or e-bay, for £4.50/sheet) and candied pork belly (the sugar in the mix makes it go black).

Gilded Guinea Fowlcandied pork belly

Golden vegetables and brandied turnips. Yellow carrots taste very different to orange ones!

brandied turnips golden carrot coins golden carrot coins

The whole table, with golden coins for decoration. The green things are sprouts Heston style, the extra blackened things stuffing and sausages in bacon. Also a potted Boojum for mr_snips as per his request.

the full tablePotted boojum

Pudding, and chef. We actually had two puddings, but the chocolate baubles didn't get photographed.

cook shot pudding floating on a sea of flame

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