Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

hedges and wagtails

The rain has finally stopped, and even better than that, j4's hedge had turned up early! So we were able to get the first stretch done at the weekend -- it's going to be mixed native, no thorns, with a bit of ornamental inclusion. So, field maple, dogwood, a couple of varieties of hazel, guelder rose, bird cherry, wild cherry, crab apple, flowering currant, forsythia, service bush and just enough holly to secure the corners and get some berries. We're doing the rest next weekend, and if anyone wants to help, extra hands are most welcome. So far damiancugley is helping on Sunday, and addedentry (and their little helper) of course. Here's hoping the weather holds.

This morning, Harlequin cat is sleeping on my filthy gardening clothes. I think it's dirty protest that the heated clothes drier isn't on.

While we were out floodgawking on Sunday, we saw hordes of little pied wagtails foraging out on the rotten ice that had skinned over the flooded meadows. It looked like they were finding lots of good stuff! Amazing, behaviour I had never seen before. I also found the first snowdrop! Not in my garden, alas. In the Botanic Gardens.

badger shark ride first snowdrop
Three scarfs not sure what happened here

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