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nice one subconscious

Perhaps realising I needed a bit of a break after yesterday (bit of a tough day) my subconscious served up a rather more enjoyable dream this morning: I'd lost my picnic under a stage where boxes and things were being stored, and motodraconis was helping me look for it. It was just a hunk of cheese and some bread, but we did find it, and then we found another box, full of other, posher cheeses, and another, containing various tasty cakes, some half eaten, and all at imminent risk of staleness if not eaten at once. The walnut and salted caramel cake was particularly fine.


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17th Jan, 2014 12:32 (UTC)
This sounds like my kind of dream! I've been craving decent cheese for weeks (cheese is like gold dust in Ethiopia) and certainly I have spent an inordinate amount of time hunting for decent cake... this one (from Addis Ababa) was the best unearthed. Recommended.

Addis cake

Walnut and salted caramel.... dangit I'm hungry now.

Edited at 2014-01-17 12:33 (UTC)
18th Jan, 2014 09:24 (UTC)
There's something strangely sinister about that cake
18th Jan, 2014 10:13 (UTC)
It has eyes...
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