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pens and papers - weekly strip

At the weekend, we went to Southbank and the tide was right down. There was a proper concrete beach and everything. It was a clear day while we were outside and tipping down when we were inside, which is the right way round for things to be. Speaking of which, walking across Florence Park today, I went through a section of puddled section of path where rain was falling. It struck me as I hurried away (worried about being caught out in the rain) that there had been no rain falling before I went across that bit of path and now I was past it there was no rain falling. No umbrella, so I didn't go back to check, but can a rainstorm be that small? Somewhat slightly weird. Feeling a bit enmired. Embed codes is about that, and about where we live. Bigger comic on the click-through, as ever.

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27th Jan, 2014 21:03 (UTC)
Despite working with people who know about rainfall, I have never found convincing details of how very localised rain works, but clearly it does.
27th Jan, 2014 22:34 (UTC)
very odd
It was about 3 metres diameter. Maybe less.
28th Jan, 2014 09:37 (UTC)
My colleague who lives in Headington says he notices very localised weather there in particular. A couple of years back he noticed that 3" of snow had fallen on only a dozen houses with everything around clear.
29th Jan, 2014 08:23 (UTC)
Mysterious Headington
That's practically mood weather.
29th Jan, 2014 09:19 (UTC)
Re: Mysterious Headington
Cartoon mood weather.
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