Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

the future intrusion into the present

I woke this morning from a dream about taking a goose sled to the Southbank. Goose sleds are drawn by a team of geese and are good for bogs, flood meadows and waters of uncertain depth. The huge blocky concrete buildings were edged with seasonal pontoons covered with usual scatter of tourists, culture, street food and strollers amid the coloured lights and streamers. There was a festival on, as ever; the dominant colours were blue, grey, white, like the sky over an off season beach. I wore a coat with padded forearms and a hat with dangling tassels; the tassels gave the geese something to play with while I was adjusting their harnesses, and the padded forearms meant they could bite me to their heart's content and I would not care.

I woke thinking but that's insane, you would never be able to travel against the water flow but I do wonder if anyone has ever tried to put this to the test.

E.T.A. Yes, Oxford is under water again.
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