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A dance with dinner

I had been intending to cook a Futurist Meal using some of my increasing range of scientific cooking gear, but it was failing to engage with me (possibly something to do with timscience's enthusiasm for classic Futurist dish Chickenfiat). It just all seemed a bit wispy. A good meal needs narrative.

Then someone suggested the Breaking Bad menu to me. Don't get me wrong, it's not altogether a bad idea. But I've never watched it and probably won't (as an overworked public sector type myself, I understand it might give me Dangerous Ideas) and so I came to consider the series I actually do watch, that actually involve food. No, not Sherlock. He never cooks at home. Game of Thrones/Modernist it is. Please, let me introduce the food:

Part 1: A Storm of Starters


A Rain of Ashes in a Sorcerer's Illusion of the Future accompanied by a Desolate Gingerfire.
This was popcorn flavoured with Porcini powder, Aji Panca chilli and Black salt, slightly burnt to bring out the sulphurous tang. The drink was the same preparation as my Christmas Gingerfire but with a tiny grind of smoked salt for the fire and tears.

To Begin

A trio of Dragon's eggs, one burned, one baked and one frozen, under a winter sun.
The two more conventional "eggs" were a blowtorch singed rambutan and a firm hazelnut and egg white mousse cooked in the skin of a lemon. The frozen "egg" was a puff of chilled savoury foam made from a creamy mushroom consommé forced through my new Mastrad. It was a bit feisty. I got foam in my hair. The winter sun was passion fruit coulis -- the black seeds looked fabulously sinister.

Palate Cleanser

White Walker granita.
I made an almost transparent granita out of fresh lemon and crème de violettes, served in a little skull shaped shot glass with a pour-over of curacao. It looked like this.

Part 2: A Mauling of Mains

The map of the Seven Kingdoms split by a river of blood.
In retrospect I should have marinated the meat. The Dragon Meat Sheets and Tywin's Venison Flensings (hammer-flattened escalopes of turkey and beef, rolled in spices and egg white) would have benefited from a chilli/passion fruit and juniper/plum brandy marinade respectively. Ah well, learning for next time. Chantenay Carrots roasted upright made a tiny blackened mountain range, and golden carrot disks were Lannister's debts. We used the rice cube to create cool Taragon Lannister cubes. The river of blood was a somewhat chunky Bloody Mary tomato sauce.

Part 3: A Pleading of Puddings.

Three Stark Children caught in cage, sprinkled with shot, sh*t and gore.
I made ice cream according to Delia, custard style, split the mix into three and flavoured one with ginger, one with sage, and one with a fancy fruits of the forest cordial. The texture was a bit bland, so I folded in chopped crystallized ginger, chopped sage and freeze-dried raspberry pieces respectively. Then in the freezer until ready. The timing was good and they were just scoopable when the time came to serve them in the slightly bitter and burned jaggery brandy-snap baskets I had made earlier. Silver sugar shot, chocolate caviare and pomegranate seeds sprinkled over the top. I had been going to include a sugar cage-top but couldn't source glucose syrup*.

We had some cheese and biscuits and port after that, but I didn't put a name to it. Anyway, to finish the story, I ended up ordering 100 cannisters of charge for the foamer off the internet. The reseller was selling in 100s, and the original seller in 24s, so I got 4 extra in a baggie. It's a fun bit of kit.

*I mean I couldn't be bothered. I had icing sugar.


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6th Mar, 2014 00:18 (UTC)
lord in heaven.
6th Mar, 2014 07:59 (UTC)
I think once I'd committed to the brandy snaps things escalated.
6th Mar, 2014 07:47 (UTC)
6th Mar, 2014 19:35 (UTC)
shout out to the noble band of consumers
Props to timscience, damiancugley, sparkymark and RWNOLJ for herioic slaughter of many courses, epidemiological for making sure I read the relevant page of the recipe book from the dark side and for heroic slaughter and glittertigger for mopping up the stragglers.

Edited at 2014-03-06 19:35 (UTC)
7th Mar, 2014 18:28 (UTC)
Re: shout out to the noble band of consumers
The ice creams were awesome. Thanks again for letting me join you :)
6th Mar, 2014 09:50 (UTC)
Seriously impressive.
6th Mar, 2014 19:38 (UTC)
fire and ice baby
I can now wield a blow torch in one hand and a chilled whipper in the other!
7th Mar, 2014 09:19 (UTC)
Re: fire and ice baby
Channeling your inner Danaerys.
6th Mar, 2014 15:59 (UTC)
Aaaaarrrghh! (In a good way.)
6th Mar, 2014 19:43 (UTC)
I'm wondering about balsamic bacon and apple
I'm trying to decide what to cook next with the whipper. T suggests carrot and coriander soup topped with a mushroom foam, like a tequila sunrise but savory.

Edited at 2014-03-06 19:43 (UTC)
6th Mar, 2014 17:15 (UTC)
The way you think about and cook food is awe inspiring.
6th Mar, 2014 19:49 (UTC)
7th Mar, 2014 07:34 (UTC)
Your menu sounds like a work of insane genius. I am impressed and jealous :)
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