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the silence of the crammed

The year end is over at work, bar some shouting. I got 70% on the first half of this semester's module. Next up; the first try at writing a paper. I'm going to attempt a literature review of use of baby simulators in teenage pregnancy prevention programmes, but may have to lapse out to something broader, we'll see. At home, the washing machine is broken again (I appreciate we may be statistical outliers, but we really value our service warranty) and the CD winnow is in full swing (list coming soon). Old cat is showing some improvement now we have him on kidney medication but still would like to spend all time on our laps KTHX. Small cat is currently playing with a small piece of gravel, skittering it across the floor, carrying it around, juggling and batting it, which is as good as it gets for her. But, on the grounds that there are hard times going on for quite a few of you right now, sympathies, and an old strip from the archive called sometimes I just want to give you all flowers.


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7th Apr, 2014 08:12 (UTC)
Thanks for the flowers. On the real flowers front grape hyacinths are doing very well and it is shaping up to be fantastic for peonies.
7th Apr, 2014 22:50 (UTC)
My peonies have just shown their heads! It's their first winter, so I'm glad they made it back.
7th Apr, 2014 11:50 (UTC)
My tulips are coming up well, and the daffs appear to be flowering, albeit sporadically after the tulips. And I have more snakesheads!!!

Three of the four new fruit trees seem to be doing well, the fourth is lagging behind but is in a dark place.

I'm plotting to buy a firepit-BBQ-table 'n' 4 seats. There could be plans for another commissioned garden blitz with added BBQ.

Edited at 2014-04-07 11:59 (UTC)
7th Apr, 2014 22:50 (UTC)
As soon as it's a bit sunnier, I'm there :)
7th Apr, 2014 12:09 (UTC)
Lovely flowers!
7th Apr, 2014 22:52 (UTC)
Thanks. I should do another set, really -- that lot look a bit lo-res nowadays
7th Apr, 2014 17:52 (UTC)
The flowers are lovely. Thank you.
8th Apr, 2014 07:02 (UTC)
I've got some cuttings on the go from a hardy Penstemon too, so once they're rooted I've got some real flowers for you, too
7th Apr, 2014 18:48 (UTC)
That's beautiful, all the flowers en masse like that.
8th Apr, 2014 07:04 (UTC)
8th Apr, 2014 15:39 (UTC)
do you know the Bouquets films by Rose Lowder? (there are lots and some are more flowery than others) I love them.
9th Apr, 2014 06:17 (UTC)
Wow! They are amazing! I'd seen one of her longer pieces at the ?Tate I think but not these
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