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the last of the comics

I'd held onto less than I remembered, I found, when I went through the last of the comics with Damian this weekend. I read horror fiction magazines as a teenager, for example, but there was no sign of my old copies of Fear, just a Skeleton Crew or two. By comparison, an enormous pile of 2000AD monthly - a regular digest of reprinted sort-of full story arcs, without much in the way of quality control or selection - was a puzzle. I wonder if at some point the comics got kept and the magazines chucked, all bar a couple declared honorary comics? The Dave McKean interview in the copy of Skeleton Crew I am perusing now does support that.

It seems I have all of Crisis but only some of Deadline. It looks like I began losing patience at aroundabout #19 and was firmly committed to missing most of it by about #40. The last issue I have is #71 but that follows a colossal gap. I've not looked inside either of these yet; my recollections are somewhat angry. I have Revolver, of course, and some randoms like Creepy (Italian horror reprints).

The 2000AD run is from 1987 to 2006, but not the acreage of paper that implies. For quite a few years in that I was either too poor to buy a weekly comic, or too disorganised to hold onto them. There was probably even a time I was too embarrassed.

That's it, anyway; and all that remains is the final winnowing; to the shelves, Banbury Oxfam (which does comics), the blue bin.


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19th May, 2014 08:16 (UTC)
Why are Oxford green bins blue?

I had a wardrobe full of random magazines. The main thing I kept was Whole Earth Review / CoEvolution Quarterly. Otherwise I kept fanzines and obscure things - the Liverpool Software Gazette. Yes, really.
19th May, 2014 22:23 (UTC)
Liverpool Software Gazette
You should probably digitise that for poserity, if you have not done so already
20th Jun, 2014 06:15 (UTC)
Green bins are blue
… because they already used green for the landfill bins.

Why are landfill bins green? Presumably when they purchased those, green bins were the cheapest colour because of demand for recycling bins? Just a guess.
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