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the united colours of bob

Guess who moved into the neighbourhood this Christmas?

Bob's in the hood!

The blanked one represents a Bob the owner of the wall got to before I did.


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29th Dec, 2002 18:21 (UTC)
Where are these?

(Since I've not been out of my house in Oxford during the daylight hours for some weeks, I wouldn't have noticed Bob even if he were on my street.)
29th Dec, 2002 18:30 (UTC)
Re: cool!
On Blackwells publishing (opposite the Elm Tree), the side of Wings, Cornacopia, the Futon shop, the Polish restaurant, Uniiki (under one of the windows!) the empty shop by the Moonlight, and on the yellow traffic this-side post at the bottom of Cowley Road. I also spotted another one I didn't get at the end of the alleyway leading onto St Clements, on the side of the Indian that's always graffittied. The blanked out one is on the disco-ball shop. May be more!
29th Dec, 2002 18:34 (UTC)
Re: cool!
Thanks. I'll keep an eye out for more.

(You're up late. Fancy a cuppa?)
30th Dec, 2002 06:01 (UTC)
Re: cool!
I was being very bad about being up late on a school night, and went to bed the moment I had responded to your comment. And then lay awake for about an hour with insomnia. I wonder if my brain is still under guarantee?
29th Dec, 2002 18:43 (UTC)
One is facing in a different direction.
This can only mean PLAGUE and APOCOLYPSE.

30th Dec, 2002 00:50 (UTC)
Re: One is facing in a different direction.
Yes! Be on the lookout for three further indications of The End...The EGG,The KEG and The CAKE! (Ref: Too obscure to go into, but we're all doomed.)
30th Dec, 2002 02:45 (UTC)
Re: One is facing in a different direction.
Speak for yourself. As a perfect plastic replica of myself, I am assured of my future prosperity and peace.
30th Dec, 2002 09:22 (UTC)
Plague of FALSE BOBS!
All the right-facing "BOB"s are FALSE BOBS!!
Only the left-facing PIPE is the MARK of the TRUE "BOB"!!!
Sounds like the work of BOBBIES who don't know which way up to hold the stencil...

Rev. Spontaneous Anal Exsimianation
30th Dec, 2002 18:52 (UTC)
Now, who do we know who's just moved from Hoxton to Oxford... Nope, nothing sprining to mind...

Nice post - I've alerted the relavent popes and popettes.

Pete (http://peteashton.com)
30th Dec, 2002 19:14 (UTC)
As if we didn't have enough crap to worry about with the with the cult wars, now THIS has happened. I won't be able to sleep for days now worrying about the upcoming PLAGUE and APOCOLYPSE. I assumed we had until July 5th, not I'm not so sure.

Dok Pissoff, Ho De Do Clench
30th Dec, 2002 20:23 (UTC)
What the...
So where can I get one of these stencils?? I know several walls just begging for a Dobbs Head.
Rev. Queen-High Cheese Biscuit of the Tool People
(Hya Pissoff!)
31st Dec, 2002 03:23 (UTC)
Re: What the...
I've not made any personal enquiries, but I'm pretty sure that this one was made by one of our local stencillers. Making stencils is pretty straigtforward, getting them to look good is harder ... buy one of the little Banksy Books, it has a good guide to making stencils in the back -- but to give the short version, photocopy your Bob onto A4, tape the photocopy onto a sheet of glossy card (like the insert from a shirt packet) and then take your craft knife and cut carefully round the black, remembering to leave enough card to ensure structural integrity. Buy a new craft kife (or get a new blade) or it won't be sharp enough to look good. Take off the photocopy and your card is good to go. Tape card to wall with masking tape to avoid embassassing slippage, and spray away. Car paint is a bugger to get off, and comes in lovely colours.

Rev. JD Vernacular Vague
31st Dec, 2002 07:36 (UTC)
The same Bob of similiar comic stature as the pipe-smoker of Red Meat? Or how about the comic character who goes on about "Beer, getting people laid since 1872" T-Shirts?


31st Dec, 2002 16:00 (UTC)
oxford subG posse?
so am i right in assuming theres an Oxford town Subgenius posse?
If so, get in touch with us EuroSubs at




praise the Dobbs


3rd Jan, 2003 07:10 (UTC)

Happy Halloween, you hear?

(still upset about X-Day not happening)
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