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The first broad beans came out of the garden on Wednesday. I put them in a paella with some leftover picnic squid from the weekend and some black pudding. Tasty! Last night I spotted a white alpine strawberry with that faint apricotish glow that signifies ripeness, then ruffled through the edge of the flowerbed and oh there were quite a few, so we had the first strawberries of the year, newly red and snatched from the jaws of hungry slugs. Somewhere in the middle of that the housemartins came back (when I was taking out the recycling I think) and were jetting round our heads, checking the house, twittering (them and me). It looked like most of last year's big brood had made it back, so we might be getting an extension of the martin houses this year! They have a big hole in the side of their nest, so we got to see them sitting in the nest, peeking out angrily. Hopefully they will repair rather than relocate.

Speaking of the twitters, last night I posted this terrifying image of Cowley Road street drinking on instagram and posted a tweet about the housemartins, and got back the response "It's happy hour again" which of course applied equally to either information item although in retrospect, the response "and again and again and again and again" was appropriate for all channels.

Old cat seems healthier. It's either the weather or the new supplements we have him on, but his fur is better and he is moving more easily. Young cat brought us a young rat, though this time she managed to make sure it was a) dead and b) not leaking. Go team kitten!


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13th Jun, 2014 06:55 (UTC)
I like the idea of 'picnic squid'.

I am now imagining a land-based tentacular spectacular with brightly coloured picnic rug stalking Cowley Road at dusk (brandishing cans of elderflower G&T). Long-live gingam eldritch!
13th Jun, 2014 07:08 (UTC)
an altogether more civilized flavour of apocalypse
13th Jul, 2014 10:31 (UTC)
Halp! I have a gardening query. I bought various giant alium bulbs on Friday. Never bought bulbs outside of Autumn before, can I plant them now or should I be storing them in some undefined place for planting in Autumn. Halp!
14th Jul, 2014 07:25 (UTC)
!!! I did see them for sale, and wondered what on earth you were supposed to do with them at this time of year! You could keep them in a PAPER bag in a cool dry place until autumn but personally I'd probably go for looking at this as a couple of extra months for them to get established, declare July early autumn and plant them -- at a decent depth (four times the diameter of the bulb seems to be the current advice) and with a bit of grit.
15th Jul, 2014 13:15 (UTC)
Re: out-of-season
I prefer this option... I'm afeard of storing them "all wrong" and them getting dried out and/or mouldy, or even forgetting I bought them and finding them dead and shrivelled in a corner years later. Will plant as soon as I can.
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