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Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

Who understands technology?

It's been a while since my last Friday questions, but in the wake of Ofcom telling us that 6 year olds understand technology better than 43 year olds (I may be summarizing) I thought it was time to try for another. Go forth, use the comments, squabble most mightily, and broaden the perspective. I have my own opinions here, but I want to hear yours.

Another revelation was that people use technology on average for 8.14 hours a day -- more than they sleep. For extra credit, do you? That'll have to go to the comments as I am out of time

Poll #1978108 Who understands the technology?

What age range of technology users understand it the best?

0-5 year olds for they are digital natives
6-10 year olds - I get my kids to do all my sysadmin!
11-19 year olds as they have the obsessive energy to understand it all
20-29 year olds as they have got a job doing that now
30-39 year olds because they have been working on it for 10 years now
40-49 year olds as they have been working in the field for 20 years now
50-59 year olds as they invented what everyone else is working on
60-69 year olds because they really know it all by now
70-79 year olds because they have the leisure and resources to devote to it
80-89 year olds
90+ year olds because they know enough to live that long
Another age range I shall specify below

What kind of technology users understand it the best?

Children - because they grew up with it
Adults - because they have to use it to make practical things happen
Non-specialist expert adults - they know how to make stuff work
Specialist adults - it's their field of expertise
Artificial intelligences - or they will when they come along
Ghosts, because they understand Quantum
I will clarify this answer below

I need to say something else about this, which is:

ETA, for anyone wondering why the poll seems a bit ill-conceived and very truncated, it was interrupted by the discovery that we'd had someone else's food waste bin returned to us this morning, complete with wriggly sprinklings and an attendant fly cloud.

The main question I'm trying to get answered is at what age tecnhological learning capability and technological knowledge peak. I'm also suffering a bit of a grumpy old lady effect from having discovered that the report was describing 16-24 year olds as "technology early adopters", as if no-one born before 1989 had ever used technology at all. I will also face at least a full year of people quoting this back to me as an excuse for being unable to use computers/phones/tablets and/or unable to support young people to use computers/phones/tablets more safely, so I need to sort out my thinking around this now.

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