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thanks all for your words about Teasel

I've not responded individually yet, but I will. Thanks all, those who knew him, looked after him and those who'd seen him as a little black furry shadow teaselling around in the background (or foreground) of my comics, or blog, thank you all. And oh, the tag-sorted databases. I've been searching under all the various misspellings of his name (I misspelled his name) and cursing Flickr's latest rounds of changes which mean that the route back to timeline context from a photo found by searching has been obliterated (...) but I did manage to find this video from when we were moving house and there were boxes everywhere and we were worried about him but he was fine with the move and all he wanted to do was play in his kingdom of boxes and remind us to FEAR THE PAW.

Also: this.


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21st Aug, 2014 09:33 (UTC)
21st Aug, 2014 18:13 (UTC)
Sorry for your loss
What a splendid puss! RIP.
21st Aug, 2014 22:41 (UTC)
Re: Sorry for your loss
Thankyou - for next year I shall be planting Teasels in the garden
21st Aug, 2014 20:47 (UTC)
He was a splendid cat: we're so sorry.
21st Aug, 2014 22:42 (UTC)
Thank you, he was indeed mighty
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