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not exactly a christmas card, however ...

Joy to allI made a joke about this week's strip a couple of posts ago, I think, but tonight got round to drawing it and hey, not too painful. Ink washes take a lot less time than computer colouring, but less fun to look at -- still, fits with the fact that a) it's mostly set in the past, and b) it's *very* tastefully done. Compared to the pencils, that is. Inked to the season climaxes of Martian Succesor Nadesico and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Is that the correct plural for climax?

A lot easier to do the close work than it was a few weeks ago; fortuitous, left-over christmas relaxation, all the time off, you take your pick. I scripted a strip for both the weeks I was away, so I'll be trying to get another up this week; and there was the one I did for the week I got interrupted. I'm not sure if I want to ink that one, given the subject matter -- it might be a bit too much like tempting fate.

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