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Joy to allI made a joke about this week's strip a couple of posts ago, I think, but tonight got round to drawing it and hey, not too painful. Ink washes take a lot less time than computer colouring, but less fun to look at -- still, fits with the fact that a) it's mostly set in the past, and b) it's *very* tastefully done. Compared to the pencils, that is. Inked to the season climaxes of Martian Succesor Nadesico and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Is that the correct plural for climax?

A lot easier to do the close work than it was a few weeks ago; fortuitous, left-over christmas relaxation, all the time off, you take your pick. I scripted a strip for both the weeks I was away, so I'll be trying to get another up this week; and there was the one I did for the week I got interrupted. I'm not sure if I want to ink that one, given the subject matter -- it might be a bit too much like tempting fate.



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31st Dec, 2002 02:40 (UTC)
Ooo, pretty. Me like :)
31st Dec, 2002 06:33 (UTC)
Thankyou. I'm bringing some friends tonight, Caffe and Martin -- I'm not sure you've met them, but they're both v. nice ! See you later

31st Dec, 2002 05:42 (UTC)
Happy New Year
Neat strip. I've dreamt of a gigantic wanking angel ('parts of gold'), but piss on the earth is even better, I think. You gotta love those heavenly hosts...Anyway, just wanted to wish you good health and no more scary megamigraines for 2003.AND say thanx for all the great entertainment your toons,posts and various sites provide.
31st Dec, 2002 06:39 (UTC)
right back at ya!
... and I hope Wotan starts feeling more himself, too. I never liked the modern trend for depriving angels of their genitals -- wasn't that what (at least one set of) their wings were for, originally? Perhaps I should start a campaign. Campaign for the Anatomical Completeness of Angels. Oh, that's an unfortunate acronym. Good fortune for the New Year!

Hmmm, must get round to sending you your christmas present. (Beats self for being disorganised.)
31st Dec, 2002 08:11 (UTC)
Re: right back at ya!
Oh, I never thought of that...don't Jewish angels have 3 sets? (Wings, that is?) That would make a lot of sense... I think they're very sexual beings actually. I always had a bit of a 'thing' for them as a kid, not realising, of course, that I was having 'impure thoughts' until I was older...Lends a whole new aspect to 'Touched by an Angel'. Snerk. Dirty New Year!
31st Dec, 2002 07:39 (UTC)
Joy To All

fun song that. :-)

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