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Snaptember week three - out & about

The light coming through the upstairs window is the colour of peaches gone overripe. September is such a show-off of a month. Pretty though. Outside, Harley and the big black cat from two doors down are playing uncertain cat chess. I just gave them a round of co-treating, to see if they'll start relaxing together. Back when Teasel was likely to come out into the garden, and might need protecting, she gave him short shrift but now she's slightly confused around him. I think maybe she's missing the company of a tall handsome black cat. Term has just begun. There is a big slew of course reading just waiting for me to get started on it. And here I am, mumbling about DZ Deathrays and Tent/Superbrands and a visit from Mum-of-the-North, turquoise hair and all of the rest of Snaptember Week 3.

Monday 15th - Sunflower head sees DZ Deathrays

This DZ Deathrays, we got free tickets to see them upstairs at the Zodiac for a sort of pre-tour shakedown gig. They were the perfect counterpoint to Monday. This is their ballad kind of - it has a very Crystal World video. And there's the one that's famous on youtube. I also took my new userpic on Monday, after finding a sunflower floating in a swirl of autumn leaves in the Thames.

Tuesday 16th - Dawn over the river

This is the visual of a tweet I made that morning: Dewdrops in the spiderwebs on the chicory; in each one a hazy morning sun encapsulated, and the occasional blue sky flag of a fading flower.

Wednesday 17th - I like Big Butts

I tidied up the front garden while waiting for Mum-of-the-North to arrive. Here's the view of our lean-to; waterbutt, morning glory, Nigella gone over, shed, gravel.

Thursday 18th - I dyed it turquoise

Yes, the hair. It's blue now.

Friday 19th - His & Hers juices

Tim wasn't sure I'd be able to drink wine on Friday, so he got us fancy juice as a treat instead. His is orange and strawberry, mine is carrot, orange and ginger, my favourite.

Saturday 20th - A beautiful Sofa

We went to Tent/Superbrands, a design and interiors festival in the old Truman's Brewery. Indies upstairs, main designers and design councils downstairs. Japan was a particular win, with enhanced reality wallpaper, oyster card enabled video sampling and, somewhat inexplicably, penis darts.

Sunday 21st - Joys of staying stationary

Sunday was spent at home, I tidied the shed, cut down hedges and read the paper.


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23rd Sep, 2014 14:30 (UTC)
I love that sunflower picture!
23rd Sep, 2014 19:34 (UTC)
Must confess I took about ten before I got the one I liked
23rd Sep, 2014 18:59 (UTC)

Sorry, felt it deserved capslock.
23rd Sep, 2014 19:33 (UTC)
there's this picture which perhaps even better but it's friends and family only because of PENIS DARTS
24th Sep, 2014 01:42 (UTC)

You should post up some pictures of tits too. Great tits are always a joy.
24th Sep, 2014 05:47 (UTC)
tit willow, tit willow, tit willow
Alas, my garden is a bit short of tits, probably because of the high cat population. We've got lots of Goldfinches and a seasonal Blackcap couple (lah-di-dah) and a crazed strawberry-stealing thrill-seeking blackbird which, come to think of it, I've not seen for a while...

We do sometimes get blue tits in the willow but they have the sense to stay up high

Edited at 2014-09-24 05:48 (UTC)
( 6 worms — Feed the birds )