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The final flutter of snaptember

Snaptember has drawn to its sensible close leaving me reflecting on whether it changed my behaviour much. Possibly a few more photographs taken; certainly a lot less shyness about posting them to LJ because, in some sense, allowed. But significantly more? Probably not. Surroundings and things make up the bulk of my online photos anyway, because a lot of the time I'm dissatisfied with the ones containing people. Or if I'm satisfied with them, I can't be sure the people in the photo will be, and all that.

So to finish off the month, I'm posting what I feel is a far more me sort of photo post - below, from top left; yellow lilac leaves, street merkin, mating pigeons and my favourite building site, where the building it being slotted together in big, brightly-coloured prefabulous panels:

And so to finish on a note about the warm autumn; below, I'm photographing petunias that have self-seeded from gone-over municipal planting. That's how warm it is this year. Pretty cosy for October. That said, I did just clear away the last of the tomatoes. And put on the heating. And pick out a favourite new autumn jumper. For the season, it is a-changing.


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8th Oct, 2014 08:50 (UTC)
It is a slightly obsessive thing taking photos. I very rarely (not quite never) look at old ones but maybe that is not the point. Maybe by thinking about a photo you look at things more carefully particularly if you are composing a shot to get the right balance of mass and texture. Framing the object in the background, getting the colour balance to enhance the points of interest and all the rest. If you are not going to look at pictures do you even need to take them? (though taking pictures is free). The pictures I used to take on film are generally better than the digital ones. Not for quality reasons, my current digital camera is much better than the final 35mm camera I had. Perhaps I took more care when each shot cost money.
8th Oct, 2014 13:27 (UTC)
I think that taking photos does / can mean you look at what you're photographing more carefully.

I do look at old photos but TBH not as much as I might think. I look through Flickr ones tagged with my name sometimes, either for vanity reasons or say with the kids for fun; and I enjoy it when I do that.
9th Oct, 2014 06:45 (UTC)
I needed to post an image of childhood for my course so ended up going through some of the (physical) old photos I took as a child. I threw away a lot when I was in my late teens - including lots of me - probably the wrong ones. It's hard to tell what your future self will want!
9th Oct, 2014 06:29 (UTC)
extra eyes, extra memory
The tag searching on Flickr has been/is a boon. I go through all manner of old photos - the details are often what is interesting as the camera sees (and remembers) things you have lost in the editing. I've got some organised sets, too for things I find soothing. Enchanted Ceiling is nothing but pictures looking up at trees for example.

I also have several hundred physical photos, as I've been doing this since camera 1 (obtained by saving up tokens off the back of a cereal packet) but I'm not sure I'd say they're better quality than the digital ones. Different quality, certainly
9th Oct, 2014 22:39 (UTC)
The jumper is fun :)
10th Oct, 2014 06:24 (UTC)
I think the link was ambiguous but I got the turquoise one not the pink one! It is fantastically artificial
17th Oct, 2014 10:29 (UTC)
Jumper season!
If you're after something fluffy and mental, this is reduced to 7 quid.
Mind you this fluff stripe ain't bad reduced to 11 quid.
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