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2003 will be a year of five quarters

To prove that I have learnt something from all those team away days, I have decided that for 2003, my resolutions will be limited to five, and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Limited), though I don't plan to go through a full planning exercise. Look ma, bullet points!
  • Reduce the quantity of books, toys, junk and stuff in my house by 25%.
  • Prioritise my active/pending/planned project list and completely dump the bottom 25%.
  • Consolidate the comic collection and dispose of our least favourite/overly duplicated 25%.
  • Increase general calmness, a mellow outlook and stress-defusing behaviour by 25%.
  • Reduce self-destructive behaviour, habits and thought-patterns by 25%.

I considered adding giving up drinking to the list, but then I remembered that they were supposed to be realistic and achievable. Ho hum. Number five will include some stuff about drink.

Christmas is all about CrueltySo I said I was trying to get another strip done this week, and I managed, despite Damian's best attempts to distract me with his new Gorillaz DVD (thankyou tinyjo) and Tivo's provision of that first episode of Enterprise we missed. It's another "well obviously it's in colour" episode (panel 2 should tell you why) so I'm feeling horribly knackered now, but I think it was worth it -- it's a christmas present strip, one for my friends.


In Panel 1 I'm wearing my new scream t-shirt from Jenny (Damian's Mum). Oh, it makes me look very sane. Also featured the "SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER" sloganned alpha-t, and old fave the shopping trolley shirt (a gift from jinty.

The little brown bird is imaginary, but partridges do make a sort of "oh oh" noise. The cat is not imaginary -- believe it or not, tinyjo trusted me to look after Cassie while she was off with her folks for Christmas -- though she's more of a purrer than a mewer, really.

Fun fact! Barbie as Rapunzel is what Mainframe, the creators of landmark CGI series Reboot, went on to do next. I suppose we all have to pay the rent.

Christmas isn't christmas without the Queen's speech, but the real Queen bores me and none of the alternatives looked good. Thank heaven for dickon_edwards's christmas post, the perfect substitute.

Yes! I now own about 50 tiny plastic zombies! They came with a game called, wait for it, Zombies. The rules were a bit sketchy and the game-play frustrating and sluggish, but the actual stuff is beautiful, and I'm sure we can jig the rules to speed it up. In that same panel (7) Damian is holding a lucky waving cat, which my sister brought back from Hong Kong for me. It has a battery up its arse, so it waves for just that little bit longer.

The last two panels illustrate having loads of ousfg friends round to watch anime, really fun. I made them all watch Cardcaptors while we were waiting for Zac (applez) to turn up. Which made me happy :)

Which covers about everything, I think.

Happy New Year!


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2nd Jan, 2003 00:31 (UTC)
Love the strip, particularly the vegetarian seal-pup supper. Cruel. Well, only mentally, but still.

Increase general calmness, a mellow outlook and stress-defusing behaviour by 25%.
You go --- and make sure to hit that 25% on the mark, eh?

Loved the tree/entwife. never did manage to take a photo of it with me own camera -- look forward to your versions, but frankly having it immortalised as a comic panel is fine by me.
2nd Jan, 2003 01:18 (UTC)
Plastic Zombies!
Ohhh, what a fantastic thing to have! All zombie-related stuff is so fine...
Also now obsessed with 'pagan dick' (such a nice phrase-) due to handsome T-shirt as snapped & displayed by jinty. Brill!
2nd Jan, 2003 02:30 (UTC)
It's a small world
Thank heaven for dickon_edwards's christmas post, the perfect substitute.

Good Lord. This Christmas message mentions an old school friend of mine. Weird. Good to know that those rumours about her having finally joined a band that are going places are true though.
2nd Jan, 2003 02:38 (UTC)
Re: It's a small world
2nd Jan, 2003 15:00 (UTC)
Re: It's a small world
Can't tell much from those in particular, but another school friend and I were in HMV today and found a Fosca CD with photos in and it is definitely her. Plus I checked with other friends, and Fosca was indeed the band she'd said she joined.
2nd Jan, 2003 05:16 (UTC)
Hm, if yer giving away/selling real cheap/lending any INVISIBLES collections after BLOODY HELL IN AMERICA, I've never had a chance to read any further than that. The libraries don't co-operate (they can't afford to, any more.) It still bothers me, as I loved the series up to that point. Ta-
2nd Jan, 2003 14:22 (UTC)
Re: Scroungerama
They also published them in the wrong order - Bloody Hell is actually volume three. Just read the final one (though I missed one out, I think) - loopy.
3rd Jan, 2003 00:17 (UTC)
Re: Scroungerama
Ah, that explains a few things I'd wondered about! There was obviously a gap, there. I really like what I have read, though. So hard to keep up with all these major oeuvres,especially without spending any money, innit? I still think there should be a proper lending library for comics...
3rd Jan, 2003 02:49 (UTC)
Re: Scroungerama
My lending library was called Jenni...

The volume in between Say You Want and Bloody Hell is called Entropy In The UK, I think, and contains a lucky dip of great stories, including Fanny's 'origin'. I really want to get the whole lot - haven't even got the first one yet!
3rd Jan, 2003 07:02 (UTC)
Re: Scroungerama
Oh, I read the Fanny's origins one. I borrowed a batch of single issues belonging to a friend of Fiona Clements'. It was excellent...
5th Jan, 2003 11:36 (UTC)
Re: Scroungerama
... we don't have any Invisibles collections. Are you interested in single issues, if they turns out to be in the duplicated subsection?
6th Jan, 2003 00:30 (UTC)
Re: Scroungerama
Never look a gift horse in the mouth! (one of my mother's selection of weird, annoying sayings...) I'd be delighted, thanks, and equally delighted to pass them on to any other INVISIBLES-deprived supplicants , once I've had a read. Thanks! ;o)
2nd Jan, 2003 05:36 (UTC)
Is the bald figure in the last panel Xan? It looks like The-Gideon's-Friend-formerly-known-as-Darren.

2nd Jan, 2003 06:10 (UTC)
supposed to be Xan, yes ...
though tbh I was a bit fried to concentrate on individuals and went more for generic ousfg looks.
3rd Jan, 2003 08:50 (UTC)
I think he spelled it Daron. Has he changed it to Anton, or was he called Anton changed it to Daron? I can never remember.

-- Damian
5th Jan, 2003 11:39 (UTC)
Re: Daron?
I forget what he used to be called. Anton is still on town, I see him around from time to time -- I'd not say the picture looks like him to me, as Anton has (for as far back as I can remember...) a funky goatee.
3rd Jan, 2003 01:39 (UTC)
Cassie really is that tiny as well!
27th May, 2003 01:02 (UTC)
yarrrg! you mentioned two of my fave things in this strip, young missy.

a) zombies is a tops game! nothing more fun than getting drunk at home and playing with the glow-in-the-dark zombies. get hold of the 'bag o'zombies' for it, then there's even more undead goons to lumber around!

b) cardcaptors also kicks the booty! i bought my wizzy a set of the actual cards for her birthday, but she doesn't know it yet. hyok hyok hyok.

ooh, and reboot as well! sorted.
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