Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

owltober : not enough owls

Hurray! For Autumnwatch is back. Apparently this year there has been a Barn Owl Bonanza, so lots of incredibly cute HD infrared images of teenaged barn owls tumbling around a rooftop and gulping voles, lots of photos of supersized Barn Owl families, and lots of ecstatic noises from anyone who likes Barn Owls (that's everyone then).

Elsewhere, the owl has been superceded in fashion by other beasts this autumn (I've seen a lot of foxes and bunnies) so my owltober haul is weak, although these Matalan cookies jars are fairly fine:

Reminder to self: cookie jars belong to a hypothetical world where biscuits linger and are not instantly eaten. This is not your world, and therefore you do not need a cookie jar.

Video arising from conversation last night: there is sound art in a Youth & Community Arts Shop (pay attention - this is the future of the High Street) in Bicester consisting of things hanging from the ceiling (carrots, coins, crumpled tin-foil, conducting putty) which trigger noises when you touch them. My favourite is a carrot that triggers a thunderstorm, but here's the tour:

If you do decide to go to Bicester to see it (it's up for the next couple of weeks) be sure to use the magic multistorey carpark that automatically records your car on the way in and charges you accordingly on the way out, and visit Sainsburys for a ride on their travelators. BOOM TOWN!

Harlequin cat is at the vet today, having her teeth cleaned. It's just one indignity after another for her this week. In her absence the house is strangely quiet, without cat. Strange noises now need an investigation, instead of a shrug and an assumption of kitten. Maybe that bang at the catflap is a dream...

Ah, marsh cam live is telling me that I can just about see an otter lying in the grass. Are you sure that looks like a rock?

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