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clearing out the cupboard

The time had come. The time is now. It is time. The old pre-recorded VHS must go (well, all bar a few pieces of unobtainium). Sadly, this includes my slowly and painfully collected run of Blakes 7. Look at them! There's a single copy from an early release which must have been picked up second hand somewhere (the old Cult Exchange Shop in Notting Hill, maybe?) and the rest are the slightly swanky re-releases with the line-up spines. It stands out like a temporary false tooth. I watched the original series insofar as I could - between cricket and snooker there were always things we missed. Then I watched it through properly with uitlander on her ?Betamax editions. Then my own, presumably at a party, although I don't recall it in any detail. The Sapphire and Steel Party I remember! Everyone dressed up. Damian and I were Diamond and Gold - or was it Titanium and Brass? Another pub I'd happily go to.

end of an era

There was another surprise in the cupboard, too: my old audio tape collection, taped into a case marked "Hewlett Packard Personal Productivity Center" with big yellow storage tape, the sure sign that a case has not been opened since the last move. These, I would like to listen to as they start their slow arc into the wheelie bin, as I have a 45 minute walk built into most days. But alas my walkman (complete with owl drawn on it in tippex, thank you my seventeen year old self) has long gone the way of all flesh. Does anyone have a portable cassette player I can borrow?

obsolete media!

I'm not expecting there will be anything on them I want to keep. Maybe a little scrap of Annie Nightingale on her brief and whited-out-of-history stint on Radio Luxembourg, or someone reading a story. Maybe the comps that people made for me. It's my experience that you save these things for the main subject, but end up cherishing what turns up in the background.


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30th Oct, 2014 14:42 (UTC)
I also remember the Sapphire and Steel party with pleasure, although I can't remember who dressed up as what either.
30th Oct, 2014 16:31 (UTC)
All I remember is that everyone was astonishly stylish. Wait, weren't you Ruby?
30th Oct, 2014 16:51 (UTC)
Sounds plausible - I've always been fond of red dresses - although I can't swear to it!
30th Oct, 2014 15:33 (UTC)
I have what I believe to be a still working Walkman that can be loaned indefinitely. Interested?
30th Oct, 2014 16:07 (UTC)
Yes! And I owe you cake! Are you in town next week at all? Could do tea & cakes after work Mon Tue or Thu next week?
30th Oct, 2014 16:21 (UTC)
Tuesday would be perfect. What kind of time? Same place as last time?
30th Oct, 2014 16:37 (UTC)
Five thirty, it'll be good for me to get out of work on time. Same place suits me if it's OK with you!
30th Oct, 2014 16:48 (UTC)
See you there then then!
30th Oct, 2014 18:42 (UTC)
I have a spare DVD of B7 series 1, bought as part of a job lot 2nd hand of the first 3 series (and I'd already bought S1 separately). Would you like it? The betamaxes have long ago been consigned to the world of recycling.

Edited at 2014-10-30 18:42 (UTC)
30th Oct, 2014 20:41 (UTC)
alas the betamax, no more than happy memories now
Supreme Commander! I would very much like that, as have not yet restocked beyond putting "Get all of B7 again" on a to-do list.
31st Oct, 2014 07:38 (UTC)
Re: alas the betamax, no more than happy memories now
Sold to the woman with the blue/green/red/purple hair.

It will take me a short time to get myself in gear, pack and post it, but it's yours.
31st Oct, 2014 09:28 (UTC)
no hurry
In fact, depending on how keen you are to clear it out of your house, we could leave it till I'm down for Solstice and hand over in person?
30th Oct, 2014 21:16 (UTC)
Didn't you do DocSoc's 24hours Blakes Seven DeathWatch?
30th Oct, 2014 22:31 (UTC)
I think I couldn't for some reason
Not all of it, anyway
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