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Art & Commerce

I went to the Turner Prize. There's a nice moment on the way in where you might be suddenly faced by a video including adult themes the moment you walk in (we were - thankyou James Richards) and a lovely bright room in the middle of all the gloomy video art that looks like someone took the concept of 90s copy-art and gave it a tidy, professional gloss (cheers Ciara Phillips). My tip for the winner is Duncan Campbell, whose decision to submit a 54 min video means that only the judges and a few fans and students will get the "full impact" (which apparently did include some interesting bits, but not while we were in the room).

To recover we went into the Dissatisfied Women in Western Art room and tried to imagine what they were all saying. Alas, Augustus Leopold Egg's distasteful fallen woman series punctured our ironic distance so effectively and completely that it was enough for the day. Tate Britain. Sometimes it's a wonderland full of upturned jets, whispering chandeliers and insane sculpture mazes. Others it's like being bopped repeatedly on the nose with a rolled up copy of Country Life by an elderly art master who is still cross that they let girls into public schools.

We also did Oxford Street Christmas (smallbeasts introduced me to the concept many moons ago and it has stuck ever since) where Selfridges was dispiriting and Debenhams dull, but we did finally track down Christmas hiding upstairs in John Lewis. As usual, the thing I really wanted (a really simple brass chrome pyramidical Christmas Tree, like a sculptural reduction of Christmas) was actually a shop fitting. Never mind. I know what Christmas looks like now, and that's all I need to make it happen.

Friday question (if you've stuck with me thus far) - what will your Christmas look like?


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28th Nov, 2014 09:26 (UTC)
Christmas will be low-key at home, with probably brief expeditions to see local family but not much more than that. Should be nice.
28th Nov, 2014 19:48 (UTC)
Low key sounds good!
28th Nov, 2014 10:47 (UTC)
Lots of singing. Also, the 'rents are coming to stay, for perhaps longer than is strictly ideal.
28th Nov, 2014 19:47 (UTC)
respect is due!
Singing and parents?
28th Nov, 2014 11:30 (UTC)
We were in Milton Keynes yesterday. They normally do a good display. This year it is rather disappointing giant quilted igloos. I was googling for pictures but couldn't find anything. Apparently everyone else is also too disappointed to post pictures. Trip advisor gave it 2 stars which is about right.
28th Nov, 2014 19:17 (UTC)
There are knitted Christmas lights on Magdalen Road. I'm really not sure that soft furnishings are a good option for Christmas decorations, especially in outdoor spaces.

28th Nov, 2014 11:55 (UTC)
I hope Christmas mostly looks like the inside of my eyelids as I sleep off the psychological exhaustion of starting a new job and it being mostly shit.

Also there will be Tomte.
28th Nov, 2014 19:16 (UTC)
clearly you're actually Snow White
Sleeping, surrounded by capering gift-bearing elflings. That is quite the image.
28th Nov, 2014 13:02 (UTC)
I'm hoping my Xmas will look like this...

And not this...

28th Nov, 2014 19:09 (UTC)
That cat, very justifiably, wants to kill again
29th Nov, 2014 19:34 (UTC)
Where that? Sunny!
29th Nov, 2014 20:52 (UTC)
Tis the Roman city of Jerash in Jordan. Not sure it'll be that warm in late December, maybe 12-15 degrees.
(Deleted comment)
28th Nov, 2014 19:11 (UTC)
I did not even know of the roof garden!
28th Nov, 2014 18:21 (UTC)
Urgh, I'll be working out what my Christmas will look like this evening while on the phone to my mum, pretty much. It's going to be round at hers for all sorts of sensible reasons to do with being her transport for various family and medical stuff over that period, but I'm going to have to work out how to keep on approaching that positively.
28th Nov, 2014 19:14 (UTC)
Ooof, respect for taking the Christmas hit there. I always find self-burial in books helps under these circumstances. Maybe a game also.
28th Nov, 2014 21:50 (UTC)
Well, there's only going to be me and her there so sitting reading the whole time isn't really very sociable. But I'm totally going to take my running shoes with me and make sure I get out and do that, at least.
29th Nov, 2014 01:11 (UTC)
We'll be having a big, complicated family Christmas at my sister's. It will include both my parents, Dad's current partner, my sister's husband's ex and her new partner (they all want to be in the same place as my step-niece) and a whole army of other people. J's mother has excused herself - now that I've written this out I'm wondering if I should have done the same! But I like big gatherings, we aren't staying there overnight and everyone is quite good at being on their best behaviour, so it should be fine.
29th Nov, 2014 09:06 (UTC)
That sounds lovely actually!
29th Nov, 2014 08:09 (UTC)
Tree, kids, food, decorations, at home mostly, bit of travelling to nearby family who will spoil the kids and feed us well too. Success!
29th Nov, 2014 09:13 (UTC)
Wonderful! We should drop round sometime to say hi and happy Christmas! Also, I'll be doing a post-Christmas minecrafternoon and you are most definitely invited
30th Nov, 2014 08:50 (UTC)
Cool! We won't be at Mum and Dad's for all that much of the post-xmas time by the sounds of it, doing some before Xmas too probably.
29th Nov, 2014 19:35 (UTC)
Going for a run in Santa hats!
30th Nov, 2014 21:32 (UTC)
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