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cassette #2 is UNOBTANIUM

It only took two tapes and a trip back in time to the early 90s to find me a cassette that I cannot replace. In this case, the dulcet tones of Jan Allain and the sweet cello of Ilse de Ziah, combined into somewhat saucy, somewhat soulful, altogether fun, er, anchorage folk, if you know what I mean, including a track that is something of an anthem for ladies who like BIG BOOTS.

I think my big boots at the time were purple wax-leather desert boots, or maybe it was later, when I had the denim Doc Martens?


It's actually one-and-a-bit albums. I don't know where the last few tracks are from, but most of it is Pearl in the Wreckage, reordered in what I suspect is "how strongly the taper felt one should listen to it" order. Why do I think that? Well, the legendary BIG BOOTS was first up:

And sorry, yes, that is the best and only available copy of it on all of the internet. Harsh! Cult following notwithstanding (and she certainly has one), the Big Boots records back catalogue has long since sold out to many fine ladies with big boots and stylish hair, and this antique cassette, precious relic of the 90s, track list carefully written with a smart fountain pen, is probably the closest I will ever get to "my copy".

Funny thing, I can't even remember if it was taped for me, or if someone else had taped it for her, but she had it already, so passed it on to me, because I really liked "Backs of Houses" (the second track on the album).


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1st Dec, 2014 19:32 (UTC)
My dad had a set up for converting cassettes to mp3s until recently, and probably still has it - do you want me to ask if he'll convert some for you? He had lots of fun doing it in a geeky obsessive about sound levels way do he'd probably be up for it if the kit still works.
1st Dec, 2014 21:03 (UTC)
Oh yes, if he'd find it a challenge. Do ask!
I have some difficult stuff!
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