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the fairy lights are on the chameleon....

the glittering tree of the future will last another year, Lidl is full of cut-price leibkuchen and the cat it full of love for the body warmth of all humanity. Now, if only I could take a break. Alas, this is not going to happen yet, there are a veritable avalanche of tasks between now and Christmas. However, I have a great idea for cake, so I need to get all of the tasks done, so that I can make cake. Then, it will be time for Christmas.

But Spriggy's got his bling on:

spriggy's got bling!


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11th Dec, 2014 08:18 (UTC)
Spriggy is so cool. What do the neighbours think of him?
12th Dec, 2014 00:05 (UTC)
topiary: possibly a thing in our area
We got a note with our community paper saying: We love your chameleon. From #5 (with the Elephant).
11th Dec, 2014 09:41 (UTC)
The lights are on and he is looking good.
12th Dec, 2014 00:07 (UTC)
We're not getting enough solar to get him lit up for long. Battery experiments this Sunday, methinks.
11th Dec, 2014 10:13 (UTC)
Spriggy gets better every year!
12th Dec, 2014 00:07 (UTC)
Still needs more back.
11th Dec, 2014 18:21 (UTC)
Oh, also, spoke to Dad and he still has his tape to mp3 stuff and is happy to transfer stuff for you - he says do you want mp3, lossless wav or both?
12th Dec, 2014 00:09 (UTC)
Wahay!!! They're probably not worth wavving - casettes are pretty low quality. MP3srfine.
11th Dec, 2014 20:34 (UTC)
Am loving Spriggy
12th Dec, 2014 00:10 (UTC)
I'm very pleased with the tail, but the rest needs more work.
12th Dec, 2014 18:33 (UTC)
Spriggy looks great.
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