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New Year's Resolutions

Poor old 43 things. It goes down midnight tonight, so I'm rushing through checking last year's resolutions early. On the "real" ones I managed a pitiful 2/7. 3 if you count the halves. But LJ always gives you a few extra chances, and I did OK on them, so that's OK.

Backup my holga regularly. (My backups are OK!)
Cut down to ten threshold shifts a day. (I managed!)
Learn to play the collage. (Did some collaging AND went to college.)
Give some broken toys to charity. (I did, and recycled those past donating.)
Pay for my ghosts on time. (Every month.)
Volunteer to spend time with eyes. (I loan out my glasses to people regularly, which I'm sure counts.)

This year's look a bit more challenging:

In 2015, cleanskies resolves to...
Overcome my secret fear of eyes.
Take evening classes in iridescence.
Start a collage fund.
Spend less time on tenchi.
Give some museums to charity.
Find a better ephemera.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Oh, and while I'm here:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, cleanskies sent to me...
Twelve comics drumming
Eleven mixtapes piping
Ten shoes a-cartooning
Nine apocalypses drawing
Eight goldfinches a-gardening
Seven polaroids a-cycling
Six pens a-doodling
Five je-e-e-eremy dennis
Four disposable cameras
Three womens rights
Two lost things
...and an art in an uncertainty.
Get your own Twelve Days:

Happy New Year - see you in 2015!


( 5 worms — Feed the birds )
31st Dec, 2014 21:15 (UTC)
Maybe the AI is getting quite good. The 12 days is remarkable.
"Pay for my ghosts on time" is a good one too, should be made a new euphemism, like "dark guest" for hacker (alleged Chinese term for hacker).
1st Jan, 2015 01:24 (UTC)
It is based on your interest list, and mine is listed to the max
1st Jan, 2015 09:06 (UTC)
Even so, it was a good effort.
31st Dec, 2014 23:00 (UTC)
Now I am confused, I thought Holga was film?
1st Jan, 2015 01:26 (UTC)
It is, therefore your back-up is keeping the prints and negs in separate shoeboxes (or equivalent). I've scanned my favourites too, of course
( 5 worms — Feed the birds )