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a mask with no face

Went to the party with a beetle mask on, got a long chat from a guy with a thing for insects. Someone came up to me and said, "You always wear such good costumes but I never know who you are" that's me, just a mask with no face.

I drank too much (again) and we finally dragged ourselves home for 4am which meant I didn't feel good on Sunday, which turned out very grey, raining horribly, watery seasidey spray, well at least meant I didn't have to be guilty about the garden, much of the pain though fixed at least in part by a bad bad! long lunch at Joe's and a visit to The Goldfish Bowl to stare at (not-so-)little fishies, with a brief break to watch awesome new toon Samurai Jack.

None of which helped me to get my chores done (oh well, still got all evening, especially as I forgot the film I should have been seeing). My most important chore was to find the deep seas episode of Blue Planet on the piles of tapes next to the telly ( I need it for this week's strip), so I got stuck in. What a lot of Tenchi I've been taping. Missed just one episode this series (human almost as good as Tivo!) and that Hot Reels stuff off Channel 4 isn't bad either, but though I found two episodes of The Blue Planet I didn't find the right one, and then Cathy turned up, bored and at a loose end, and it was nice to see her, but those undone chores kept biting at my brain, and the hangover came back and that was me, sitting there, with the remaining toxins in my body flushing out into my muscles, grinning and nodding.

Perverse of me but I like to be hungover (so long as I have nothing else really to do) it's a special sort of feeling like shit, macho yeah! combined with last-night-good! ache and a blurred-brain vagueness and a soft sick glow ... but by the time its 6pm the following day after a drunk I'm usually thinking, come on, give us a break ....

Does "Graham Badman's visitor" sound like a euphemism to you? There's a parking space outside reserved for "Graham Badman's visitor" today.

Sometimes I really wish that someone had set up systems to help me get my job done, that someone would nag me or remind me that this needs doing or that needs doing or that I shouldn't forget that.Stupid, I know. Why do I think this? If they were someone else's systems, I'd just bitch about them.

Sometimes I just think that I don't exist in a space that makes it easy for people to help me.

*sigh* my feet are cold and I feel old

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