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the manor of shrouded statues

The fairy lights are down and put away (except for the new strings of super-efficient white-light battery-powered dinosaur and owl lights, which are going to help me out with an experiment with some early-sown seeds) but we had one last blast of Christmas before it was all over, out at Waddesdon Manor, where they put up a contemporary lightshow at Christmas by Bruce Munro. We drank mulled wine and tweeted at the birds in the dark aviary and bought the neon lightwand all the parents were denying their children. Have to say, the Manor is classy. There's a shuttlebus to take you from the carpark to the carriage entrance, a truly remarkable asymmetric frontage, and a decadently filigreed aviary full of an endangered bird breeding programme.

Massed Christmas Trees Field of light

There was also a touch of Dr Who about the place:

Wrapped Statue Narnia dimensional accident

Not to mention the herd of attack moons, and the neon cockatoo washing line clothespeg chorus:

Attack moons! UV lens flare

More photos on Flickr, more witter on ThePunkGardener.


8th Jan, 2015 08:38 (UTC)
Ooh, we dropped into Waddesdon Manor late last year, when they had that big mosaic in the old stables. atreic was kindof freaked out by the lamp-post statue, though the words-in-falling water between the aviaries was pretty cool.