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I've had an earworm on all week, but only this morning did I realise that it's actually a mash-up of Pilot's January and Barbara Dickson's January, February. I'd somehow combined the choruses, and they were swirling around in my head like sleet and dead leaves in a housing estate wind-trap. On Thursday the earworms stabilised into tinnitus, leading to me explaining to everyone at the office what pink noise is (though also my discovery that no-one notices it - presumably because we're all so used to hearing small electrical noises around ourselves at all times), but today they're back with a vengeance. So I shall post them, on the other side of the poll, under a cut, so you can avoid Babs and Pilot if you wish - you might! - but it is their TOTPs performances which are respectively very 70s and incredibly 80s. Flutes! Black satin duster coats! Twin head guitar! All of the synthesisers! But first: what about January?

Poll #1996458 January, don't be sad, don't be angry with me

So far this January has been

Bloody awful
Considerably milder than usual
Not too bad considering the dark and cold
A serious encouragement to move to warmer climes
Not sure, I've been sleeping through most of it
A mixture of good and bad, as always
A mixture of frost and sleet, as always
A good excuse to stay indoors with the cat/a box-set/a pile of blankets
I refuse to beleive in the existance of January and am heading straight to spring

The best cure for the January blues is:

Food, glorious food (should contain suet or veggie option)
Buying shiny things in the sales
Going for walks/runs to blow away the cobwebs and look for signs of spring
Going on holidays, planning holidays, or having long involved fantasies about holidays you could go on
Wearing natty coats, hats and gloves - cold days are a fashion opportunity!
Telly, internet, music, book, comics - on repeat until the world is worth going out into
The cats and the kittens, the kittens and the cats, the cats wear hats and the kittens wear mittens
Another things which I will say below

The very best cure for the January blues is this:

Oh Pilot, you one-hit wonders. Stop cracking up right in the middle of the mime!

Oh Barbara, the hair! The coat! The lights! Ms Dickson, you are 1000% star.

As ever, any further thoughts about January, hilarious stories of grim dark days, spirited defences of crisp frosty mornings - please take to the comments.


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23rd Jan, 2015 12:52 (UTC)
Two-hit wonders! This one's a regular on the Radio 2 golden oldies.

23rd Jan, 2015 23:54 (UTC)
oh wait I hadn't
How could I forget?

Edited at 2015-01-23 23:55 (UTC)
23rd Jan, 2015 20:11 (UTC)
The SAD lamp I bought this year (this one, so it's not even an expensive one) has made an ENORMOUS difference to my winter. It's not totally fixed things, but regular use (sitting in front of it for 30-60 minutes every morning) has put me in the position that right now, in late January, I'm already back up to a point I probably didn't reach until April last year. However, I heavily endorse the going to Australia option too.
23rd Jan, 2015 23:56 (UTC)
we need the light
I have a variety of neon tubes which I suspect have something of the same effect.

That said, what I'd really like is a solarium
25th Jan, 2015 23:26 (UTC)
I joined Netflix yesterday on the implicit assumption that it was already the end of February and the third series of House of Cards would be available, having finished George's DVDs. I seem to have got a lot done this month (including 26 episodes of House of Cards), work is manageable and "there is no washing up to be done".
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