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Happy happy happy to visit the new, improved and highly recommended bugpowder and find myself on the list of stripbloggers. Thanks to the swank RSS feed Damian sorted out the weekly strip, it not only lists my name, but links to my three most recent strips ! Is that cool or what? Pete defines a stripblogger as follows:
A Stripblog combines the traditional regularly updated online comic and the personal immediacy of the weblog or online journal.

Genred at last!

I also have an appointment with my neurologist on Tuesday. I think it clashes with my appraisal. These things were sent to traumatise us.


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6th Jan, 2003 17:56 (UTC)
Just spent an hour or more on the Bugpowder site. Thanks!
7th Jan, 2003 11:27 (UTC)
Eee, Life's hard...
Hope all went well and not too scary!
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