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drawing meme day 2

Weekends make for particularly fun pictures. This one's tiny side panels show me cycling through the joys of domesticity (the list here is fairly representative, though "bake bread", "do coursework" and "pot on seedlings" are also regular Sunday fixtures). I've included the close-up of "defrost freezer" for the humour (water shot under two cupboards and pooled by the wine rack) and of the hoovering in respect of our stupidly overpowerful hoover which makes short work of any cat hair (we only have carpet on the stairs) and the mould painting because it is such a fixture of Oxford in the winter. The story I'm reading that moved me to tears is this one, about a top chef who became a dinner lady. "On Wednesday, pupils will be served sweet potato and spinach dahl muffin cake, with celeriac and parsnip, smashed beetroot and labneh." It's like a surreal dream of a better world.


Technically speaking, that's one picture and three details from it, but oh well. Nominations to the writers in the room! girlycomic and abigailb


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26th Feb, 2015 10:41 (UTC)
Mould paint? Of course there's mould paint. I probably ought to buy a pot of that stuff myself. Gah!
26th Feb, 2015 21:41 (UTC)
use three-in-one mould killer, then dehumidify, then the paint
It is quite expensive but also bloody effective.
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