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Never stop drawing

My niece showed me her drawing book when I visited last week. She's got a good solid style - careful but characterful. Completes her drawings well. I've still got (one of) my first drawing book(s) - somewhere! In the archive boxes, under archeological layers which in themselves only represent a fragment of what has been drawn (on) over the years. Still, it makes me pleased to see her pictures of birds on the wall. Three pictures with no birds from me today, though I do go to a poetry workshop and meet up with my colleague whose office burned in the SODC fire; plus a bonus tiny detail from a day with too much stress to share in full.





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24th Feb, 2015 23:50 (UTC)
Am enjoying the artwork :)
25th Feb, 2015 13:30 (UTC)
I'm enjoying seeing the working, as it were. Even for something like this, you sketch in pencil first and then firm it up in ink?
25th Feb, 2015 23:36 (UTC)
It's pencilled the day after, and inked the day after that, so the finished drawing is always of the day before yesterday
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