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pictures day 4

I've just finished that other academic-cannibalism book (Consumed, by David Cronenberg) and it ends mid story twist in the most infuriating way (although there's some memorable furniture along the way). I've just eaten some watermelon and baobab chocolate, from the Eden project. Earlier I got home and collapsed onto the bed (as is my wont right now) and the cat came and pinned my ankles. She made a sudden noise, and glared at the dark window. Peering in was the white, contorted demon face of next door's cat, Dion. Harley leapt at the window and a furious glass-separated croon-off ensued. I fear they will never be friends, those two.


Nominations to glittertigger and pomma_penses; feel free to substitute any preferred art-form for drawing!


26th Feb, 2015 19:12 (UTC)
Mmmm. Red Onion squashes are a firm favourite but I can never resist trying a new one.