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pictures day five and final

I walked home in the light for the first time this year, this evening. Well, the light was failing. Tow-path by twilight. Blackbirds singing in the gloaming. Boats on the river with bike lights on their noses, coaches hurtling along the bank on their bikes, while I carefully judged each spot to see if it was safe to step out of the way. This bit? Fine, hedge trimmings and wood chips give plenty of grip. OK. This bit? A slick muddy bank that will dump me in the mud. No. You swerve round me. Nothing went wrong but it felt a bit hairy, towards the end when the shadows were deepening and it was just me, the coaches, and the odd photographer capturing the last gleams of the sunset.





This is almost the last of these pictures, but it looks like I might have enough for one more day. Above - I review a Michael Nyman Opera, get tied up at work, enjoy a chicken kiev/wheatbag moment and have a rare moment of being Ms Moneybags for a truly delightful project. May I have many more such moments.

Nominations to jinty and j4 - feel free to substitute drawings by other family members if you wish!


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6th Mar, 2015 00:42 (UTC)
Oh er gosh! I don't know what the tag thing is but it seems to be about art & I haven't done any art since I left school unless you count cake decorating (not art) & making cards occasionally (also not art). Img can be persuaded to draw sometimes but she never seems very into it & I really don't think it's fair to hassle her into it for the sake of a meme, sorry. :-(
6th Mar, 2015 07:04 (UTC)
cake decorating and cardmaking IS art
the main thing about tagging is it's voluntary so it's not ever a problem to say no!
6th Mar, 2015 09:33 (UTC)
Oh I know it's voluntary but it always feels against the spirit of the thing to say "I can't do that". Also made me sad to realise how uncreative I am compared to all my friends. :-/
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