Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

the lurgy has lifted; things to do while ill

I know that it's only a cold but oh my goodness I have been quite unwell. Work (not at a position where it can be stopped, given the time of year and the stage of the projects) has been a series of bleary, coughing, spluttering lurchings from inbox to job-list to meeting, hoping I'm not plaguing the world as I go. Harlequin kitten also joined in - she had been coughing, occasionally, for a bit, but last week her breathing became loud, she started shaking her head like she was trying to get a fly out of her ear and her purrs and miaous dropped a half-octave; still quite high, as the music for cats man would remind me, but nevertheless, a little hoarse (that's not a little horse, that's a little cat, etc. etc.). The ear was a really tiny infected cut that had made a big mess (so we're on twice daily eardrops!) and for the rest she's had a couple of jabs and we're on a two week wait to check for improvement. Frankly, she's a strong as a little horse, so I'm expecting fast improvement. The ear's already much better.

Other things to do when you are ill: attempt to take your mum-in-law and her family to a branch of Yo Sushi that closed months ago for mother's day (we went to Wagamamas instead); Plant on about 50 tiny pepper and tomato seedlings; have a four hour project process/demo meeting; and go to Sleaford Mods Gig.

WHO????? (Fierce language alert, not suitable to be played at high volume in a shared space) (actually, it's designed to be played at high volume in a shared space, but consider the needs of your space, surroundings and people first) (oh, whatever, you're all adults, make your own decisions)

So I've emerged blinking this morning to to look at the state of everything and go AAAAAAA. And then get up and get on with it.

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