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March compilation comes in a bit late

I started using this is my jam this month, which I thought might replace these compilations; but fundamentally it doesn't do the same thing, and nice as the jam is, I'm ready for a full 17-course meal now.

So, March: I was insanely busy at work, my commute the quietest bit of the day, with every day more spring to be seen on the tow-path. Similarly the songs are light, bright, with as much brass as wist (although Damon's homage to the ephemerality of your sexts is pretty wistful). It also includes a clash of colossi feminin - Gaga and Beyonce, whose song Ego lead to lols so mighty they caused a coughing fit. Though Gaga (of course) wins the video. I also broke my 5-minute rule on Holy Ghost!'s Dumb Disco Ideas because I wanted more cowbell.


no title

I've been increasingly dissatisfied with my artwork recently, so I gave it a bit more time than usual. The hoverfly isn't any particular species, but the flower is a Coltsfoot. I photographed the first of these on April 8th, according to my Flickr stream, so it's a bit off theme, but craning over to look at something with my camera is one of the positions in which I am often listening to music, so I think it's OK.

So anyway, I've dropped them all into a Youtube playlist, if anyone fancies a listen - though personal friends please be aware that there's a track by andypop in the mix - his four-track demo of Too much to do, which was very much the theme of the month.

Don't panic if nothing happens for a moment, the first track starts quiet.