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Let's scan again

So, this morning I woke up to the distinct sensation of a spider wandering over my neck. "Formication" I thought to myself, "Liminal hallucination" and went back to sleep again. Then came the tickle and twitch of a spider walking over my face. This time my reaction was swift, physical, and led to me hunting around for bits of spiders (it was a big one, and it fell to bits when I hit it) while I tottered queasily to the loo. Where's a kitten spider hunter when you need one? Still, she probably would have jumped all over my face.

Never mind that, though, this:

I can has sca!!!!nner

After the disaster that was the Dell all-in-one (finally lost to the permanent, unshiftable "incorrect printer cartridge installed, please insert a genuine Dell printer cartridge" error, although it had been showing scan errors for a while, as well) I have upgraded to (drumroll please) the only affordable A3 scanner. It came well packed but minus software and manual. Still, I've got it talking Twain, so we're cool.

This is just a raw scan, with no correction or cleaning bar a quick levels adjust to clean up any smudges. The slight vagueness in the top left is not the fault of the scanner; I was scanning from a book. The scan quality itself is pin-sharp. The building site in the strip is gone but there is another, bigger, better one now. I have high hopes that the new building site will contain a robotic car-park when finished.


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19th Aug, 2015 13:09 (UTC)
Gah! Another story of my life strip! It's becoming something of a worry. :(

And spiders, I used to find facehugger sized ones in my bed in Kidlington, usually squashed where I'd rolled over them in the night, or aliveand straddling the net curtains with their hugeness. Ugh. I also recall the giant, stripey-pop-sock wearing mosquitos of Oxford with no fondness.

On the plus side, new scanner!
20th Aug, 2015 05:55 (UTC)
It's pretty good. Already better than the Dell!
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