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May compilation - all about the NO

Yes, I know it's September, but I got hacked off while setting up the May compilation playlist (I'd inadvertently included a rare remix of a song that is nigh-intolerable in every version available on Youtube) and between that and the broken scanner it sat sadly semi-finished for months. Visually it's an uninteresting piece. The cover is meh, and the only modern video worth a watch is Blur's Ong Ong (there are classics from Blancmange and Untravox, although both may lead you to marvel at how far video technology has advanced in the past twenty years). But as an exploration of the Negatory it is quite interesting, in particular the barnstorming Catch 22 from ravers Sheep on Drugs, for which I broke my five minute rule (it's worth it). Here's the full playlist:

If you fancy a listen, here's the Youtube playlist. I've subbed in a Marsheaux remix of Client for the Cherry Stone remix which is NOT ON YOUTUBE, which works OK, but for ARMS - well, only the Passion Pit remix would do: