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more new things, but less things overall, please

New hat. Is that a new hat? People kept asking me about the huge purple fluffy at that makes strangers smile at me in the street and little pink girls go pale green with envy. No, it's not, but my wardrobe's big enough now that I have a choice of hats. Is that immoral? Should I dispose of some hats? I should certainly dispose of some clothes. But because I never buy anything unless I really like it, it's always a horrible wrench. My new calendar has fashion illustrations in it, so I'm marking each day with a picture of myself wearing clothes I own. Maybe once I've drawn them, it'll be easier to let them go. Observations so far: I wear too much black.

New game. Visit a small e-commerce site and feed abstract concepts into the keyword search. I followed a banner ad to a place where you can find out how to salvage your toast safely, where their dream is a bulk yoghurt maker and joy is a vibrating knife.

New trousers. I had one of those very detailed dreams this morning where the more you look, the more you see. As I didn't have any trousers on I reached for a pair in the corner of a shadowy room where I'd been looking at high-quality holographic rendidtions of the recent space shuttle launch in the front of a glass cabinet (at first I'd thought it was just crockery!) and as I pulled on what I'd thought were my old (much loved, now very dilapidated) black satin jeans, I noticed that instead they were blue, and patterned, and realised that what I'd taken in the dim for soft old satin was in fact elaborate, intense process-blue lace, in an abstract yet flowery pattern over a silky undertrouser, and as I put them on (a bit tight but not so you'd worry) I noticed that the hems of the trousers were sewn with little sparkly beads so bright they filled my eyes with golden arcs.

New joy. Matt Brooker's Year 37 photo a day project recovers from christmas hiatus. Some interesting photos, but the joy is really in the captions. "What's that, fingermouse? You've been assimilated by the borg?" (that's Jan 13).

New anxiety. Someone tried to call me three times last night. I wish they'd left a message.

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