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English People discuss Lord of the Rings

English People Discuss Lord of the RingsThis week's strip is in black and white, so you're missing an important point. We're all blushing, not much, just a little bit. That's my workmates, there and the precious cuppa is some very waffy wild cherry tea, the sort that comes with identifiable hibiscus blossoms in, a bit elfy really.

I would like to point out in my defence that last night I got into an extremely long, technical and rabidly fannish conversation with Ian on the same subject. We came to about the same conclusion.


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15th Jan, 2003 23:46 (UTC)
I haven't been. The first one disappointed me too much, although the flaming vagina of doom was impressive.
16th Jan, 2003 02:33 (UTC)
I like the textures in the strip. Really nice.
16th Jan, 2003 03:03 (UTC)
it's ink wash
Kind of like computer colouring but takes a fraction of the time ;) Thanks.
16th Jan, 2003 03:40 (UTC)
Re: it's ink wash
Something about it reminds me of illustrations from children's books of my youth.

As you will surely know, this is a Good Thing.
16th Jan, 2003 04:09 (UTC)
Very keen on ink wash myself. Yes, it does bring back fond memories of old kids' book illos- usually more 'serious' topics; made you feel grown-up. My sister (age 50-) has seen the latest LOTR three times already, and shamelessy declares herself to have a crush on the entire male cast. Snerkle. I've still not seen it, but rather like the look of Bernard Hill in armour...
16th Jan, 2003 06:25 (UTC)
Theoden, right?
Hm, yes, he wasn't bad. But not a patch on David Wenham (Faramir). I prefer the Gondorian armour - very pretty. I think I have a crush on the costume designer.
16th Jan, 2003 09:48 (UTC)
Re: Theoden, right?
Damn, you know you're going to drive me to watching LOTR: TT *again*?! I try very hard not to do that...double damn. :-)

16th Jan, 2003 09:42 (UTC)
Fun strip!
You say so much by saying nothing at all. :-)


Incidentally, if you like hibiscus teas, have you ever tried the popular Mexican agua fresca, 'Agua de Jamaica'? You boil down the hibiscus blossoms till you get this wonderful sour red liquid...then you add the sugar, lots and lots of sugar. Chill and drink on those hot summer days. Oh yes, one can filter out the flowers before adding the sugar, but I like the blossoms in there...

We used to do our level best to denude our large hibiscus bush back in Mexico most of the year...


re: rabidly fannish conversation with Ian ... I do suppose you've all read that DorkTower comic Niall posted, yeah
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