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the musical ghost of Bonn Square

This morning I was walking through Bonn Square on the way to work when a fragment of a song jumped into my head, it went; "how many years has it been/since you had breakfast at the midday on a weekday/how many years has it been/since you chased a dream from somewhere on the edge of [unclear]/to a dark place beneath a tree between/[unclear] and Golders Green" which (though odd) would not be quite so surprising except that exactly the same thing has happened to me before more or less on the same spot. It's even in Livejournal somewhere, despite my no poetry! rule. Maybe it's the ghost of some incomer busker still pettishly trying to break into the Oxford indie scene.


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16th Jan, 2003 10:32 (UTC)
Next time you're in Golder's Green, Cleanskies, go north to Temple Fortune, and there to Daniel's Bagel Bakery.

The sky will part, and lo, He shall shower ye with bagely wonder, and ye shall be changed.

17th Jan, 2003 02:12 (UTC)
er, thanks, Ed. I'll bear it in mind next time I'm in the area. Changed in a good way, I hope ;)
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